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Book Review: The Cardinal's Blades

The Cardinal’s Blades by Pierre Pevel

This is an excellent novel translated from French. It is set in a somewhat different seventeenth century Paris with intrigue, spies, adventure and dragons everywhere. Cardinal Richelieu assembles his elite Blades for a secret mission. The Blades are a most unique bunch but self interest undermines friendship. Still the Blades must hold a deadly cult at bay, expose traitors, rescue damsels and serve the Cardinal and their country.
This is a rollicking good read with some nice twists at the end that make you rethink certain events and motivations. This is like a Dumas novel but with dragons and their humanoid descendents running around Paris in 1633.
If you liked novels such as ‘A Candle for d’Artagnan’, ‘The Phoenix Guards’, ‘Five Hundred Years After’, ‘Exile’s Honor’, ‘Exile’s Valor’, ‘Paragon Lost’, ‘The Gilded Chain’, ‘Impossible Odds’ or ‘Sky of Swords’ than you’ll enjoy this book. It is brilliant and there is a sequel coming out in 2010.
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