December 19th, 2008

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Heroes 3x12 Review: Our Father

Nathan continues to neglect his senator's job as he decides he is evil now. Claire and Hiro run around in the past. Hiro meets his mother (Tamlyn Tomita of 'The Burning Zone') and then thanks to Arthur, is stranded in the past while powerless. How Arthur knew exactly where to find him isn't explained Meanwhile Sylar is now a total panto villain. Matt, Daphne and Ando hunt down more Isaac sketches, for a smackhead he sure was as prolific as Da Vinci. Peter tries to shoot Arthur to stop him using the formula, why nobody ever destroyed the formula years ago isn't explained. Sylar finishes Arthur off, Arthur had the chance to move out of the way of the bullets but did nothing.  A total ugh of an episode.
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Dark Shadows Review Part 5

Episode 11

In 1991 Joe heads off to stake Barnabas while his shirt billows open. However the Angelique possessed Julia stabs him to death before he can achieve his aim. Meanwhile back in 1790 Peter defends Victoria on witchcraft charges. The dumb as a sack of hair Victoria tries to explain that she's a time traveller but her history book and a demonic take on her modern day clothes care label is enough to have her convicted. The intense Peter vows to save her as he's obviously in love with her.

Meanwhile Barnabas caked in white pancake makeup decides to make Josette a vampire. But before he can, Angelique drives Josette to suicide. Josette hurls herself off a cliff to drown either in the seawater or her own blood from multiple fractures. This was okay, I think I recognised some of the 1790 costumes as being from 'Dangerous Liaisons'.

Episode 12

The final ever episode of the show. In 1991 Maggie exorcises Angelique from Julia only to be possessed herself. In 1790 Victoria mopes in her very nice dress as Peter tries to save her from execution. Barnabas continues to act like every abusive boyfriend ever. Bellowing "Don't make me do this" and "Why do you never listen?" as he kills his aunt, drives his mother mad and terrifies his younger siblings Sarah and Daniel.

Sarah and Daniel hide outside in a storm to escape their blood sucking big brother as he chases them bellowing: "Don't run from me". The several decade age difference between Sarah/Daniel and Jeremiah/Barnabas is a bit much. Both children get fevers and Sarah dies. But Daniel is saved when Victoria tells Peter to use ice to break the fever.

Joshua Collins learns what his son has become and he, Barnabas and Ben work to save Victoria. They brick Trask up alive in the Collins house to start with. Meanwhile Victoria finally realises that Barnabas is a vampire cutting a bloody swathe through history from 1780 to 1991. Then Ben and Joshua chain Barnabas into the coffin Willy released him from back in Episode 1.

Victoria is taken to her place of execution. Peter tries to stop it only to be shot in the gut. But just seconds before her death Victoria is sent back to her own time. As she screams in hysterics, she sees Barnabas looming nearby and her hysterics turn into fear. And there the credits roll.

Best Line:
"I shall find you again. I know it. Someday, somehow, I shall find you."

This was a good episode. This was a nicely dramatic supernatural soap. But the whole Barnabas/Victoria thing didn't work. There was more chemistry with the Josette/Jeremiah pairing or the Victoria/Peter pairing. I really liked this show, it's just odd to think it was made to replace 'Twin Peaks'.

If 'Dark Shadows' had got a second season, there would have been so much to cover: Maggie is still possessed by Angelique. David's hellion behaviour. Victoria's knowledge of Barnabas' true nature. The missing Joe. Is Trask still bricked up in the Collins house? Did Peter die of the gunshot? Would Adrian Paul and Michael T Weiss have shown up to play new characters? What are the odds that Lysette Anthony who played Angelique would have shown up to play Laura, David's nutty witch mother? Why didn't Barnabas notice that the Collins family looked just like their 1790 selves or that Joe was the spitting image of his best friend Peter Bradford?
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Movie Review: Boogeyman (2004)

Boogeyman (2004)
From Eric Kripke, the creator of 'Supernatural', comes this extremely underwhelming and incoherent 'horror' film that stars Barry Watson and Emily Deschanel (of 'Bones')

Jim (Watson) was always afraid of the closet monster, even more so after the closet monster ate his father.  Now nearly two decades after his father become closet-chow, Jim has issues. He does lots of staring off into the distance like he a sty in his eye. He is also menaced by rustling plastic, a suicidal bird and creepy dripping water. He even freaks out Kate (Deschanel) his former childhood friend. It's clear that Jim needs to comb his hair and spend some time in a locked ward on a lithium drip.

What happens is that the film decides into a murky, choppily edited, CGI filled, incoherent mess that makes no sense.  There is no real need for this film to exist, it's dark and means nothing. Even a cameo by Lucy 'Xena' Lawless can't save it.
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Book Review: The Dirty Secrets Club

The Dirty Secrets Club by Meg Gardiner

Dr Jo Beckett is a forensic psychiatrist who profiles victims' lives to help solve their deaths. Her latest case is going to be one of the most bizarre she's ever worked on. Jo is called to the aftermath of a car wreck that has left four people dead and numerous others injured. Behind the wheel of the car that caused the destruction was top prosecutor Callie Harding.

Was it suicide, accident or murder? As she investigates Jo learns Callie is only the latest high flyer to die in spectacular circumstances and she isn't the last. To solve the case, Jo has to unravel the twisted darkness that is the Dirty Secrets Club. What did Callie Harding set in motion? Why did Callie Harding die? Jo is about to find out and she's going to discover how ugly secrets can get.

This was a good thriller, the writing was good and the mystery intrigued. My only complaint was that there were too many pop culture references in the book. There was a reference on practically every page, that's just overkill. This seems to be the first book in a series about Jo Beckett and I would certainly read more based on the strength of 'The Dirty Secrets Club'.