December 4th, 2008

Scary Books

Heroes Season 3 Ep 10

The Eclipse, Part 1

Best Lines: "You serial killing scum of the earth!"

"I hate heroes!"

Arthur wiped Hiro's memory and somehow Ando has managed to get Hiro to Matt's apartment. Then the eclipse takes place and everyone loses their powers. Meanwhile Nathan and Peter head to Haiti where they have words and then Nathan is carried off by Baron Samedi.

This was an okay episode with some funny moments like Peter climbing on Nathan's back, Hiro bonding with Matt's turtle and Matt being called on his telepathic head twitching.

But the plot illogic is overwhelming the show: Why do Sandra and Claire continue to let Noah get away with his bullying and manipulation? Why on earth is Elle making out with Sylar? Nathan's ability is artificial so why is he affected by the eclipse? Whatever happened to the investigation into Nathan's shooting? Peter seems to have forgotten that his future self tried to kill Nathan and that he himself in one probable future did kill Nathan. That's Peter, solid bone from the neck up.
Scary Books

Survivors Ep 3 Review

Only 1% of the population survived the virus, yet somehow survivors keep running into each other. While wandering aimlessly Abby finds a sustainable community run by Samantha, the last surviving member of the government. Meanwhile Tom and Greg run across a man who has isolated his family to avoid the virus. Meanwhile the bunker scientists fly a helicopter over the country charting where survivors are living. This ep started out promisingly but then petered out. It's just not grim enough. Nobody's cold or dirty and its not explained what Abby and her gang are doing now they are no flush toilets. This show is making me want to check out the DVDs of the 1970's original.

The man who isolated his family actually takes precautions against the virus, naturally Tom and Greg screw it all up and preach to him. Somehow Tom has become a humanitarian since ep 1. The scientists seem ominous, what with mapping where survivors are and one saying he is responsible for everything. Sarah, the new member of Abby's gang, is useless. Abby gets up on her high horse when Samantha has to defend her community against two thieving hoodies. Samantha is wearing a nice white suit, so good to see washing machines and Daz are still around in this post-apoc world.

This was okay, this show is just a showcase for dumbing down.
Scary Books

Prison Break 4x13 Review

Deal or No Deal

Best Lines: "I didn't know Don Self had it in him."

"We don't need a soliloquy."

"You gonna help me? Or you gonna make me shoot you in the face?"

"I believe you have something that belongs to me."
"Come and get it."

Don fools his superiors into thinking that Linc and co killed him and Trishanne and stole Scylla for themselves. Unfortunately for Don, this trick doesn't hold up for long as his superiors soon realise what the not so bumbling Agent Self has done. Pretty soon everybody is hunting for everybody else. Don wants Gretchen. Linc and co want Don. The Company want Don and Don's superiors want the whole Scylla disaster to go away. Soon bodies are hitting the floor, the team's hope of new lives are destroyed and Don shows his mean side. But Michael has got one over on Don, he stole a piece from Scylla (which Don failed to notice). Now its Don vs Michael. Oh it's war.

This was a good one. Where has Mahone vanished to? Also in retrospect Self's turn to the dark side has been foreshadowed since the very start of the season when he told the gang not to pull any stunts and warned that if they did: "I promise you, you're gonna see a whole other side of me."