November 14th, 2008

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Tape Tales + stuff

Was going through my stuff and found some old videotapes. My, how my taste
in tv has changed.

Tape one was from either 2000 or 2001. I can't remember taping any of the
stuff on it or why I taped it. On the tape was, in no particular order, a
made for tv horror flick 'The Eighteenth Angel', a 'Xena: Warrior Princess'
ep and a 'G vs E' ep. The 'Xena' ep had lots of women in impractical armour
and excessive make-up, bad acting, subtext and not much else. I haven't seen
so many under-dressed, untalented skanks since a 'Danity Kane' music video.
The 'G vs E' had way too much of the lead character's irritating son, bad
acting and gratuitous product placement. As for 'The Eighteenth Angel'? It
was murky, overwrought melodrama.

Tape two was from an unknown date. On it were one episode each of 'The
Others', 'Xena: Warrior Princess', 'Popular'
and 'Relic Hunter'. The ep of
'The Others' was boring and populated by ugly, selfish characters. The
'Xena' ep was an unfunny comedy, it was a season 6 episode which explains
that. The show was better in seasons 1 to 4. The 'Popular' ep was just dull
as was 'Relic Hunter'.

I can only vaguely recall liking this stuff. I used to love 'Xena: Warrior
. As for the rest of the stuff? Who cares?

Listened to 'The Promise' by Il Divo. It's better than their boring previous
release. But it is not as good as the earlier cd's: 'Il Divo' or 'Ancora'.
No track really stands out. Also looking at the photos of the quartet in the
cd booklet, one gets the impression that they really don't like each other.

Onto other matters. Who else thinks that the season 10 'Stargate SG1' ep
'The Shroud' was a huge letdown? They let spoilers for it leak months before
the airdate: Daniel! Goes! Evil! And what do TPTB do? Make it full of quips
and dumb jokes. Morons. Of course originally it was supposed to be 'Daniel
does go bad, really bad for approx a season' but cancellation put paid to
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Xena: Warrior Princess Quote

(from Season 6's 'Old Ares Had a Farm')

"She'd tell us stories of the Olympian gods."
"Bet you never thought you'd grow up to kill most of them did ya?"

Scary Books

Movie Review: Saved! (2004)

Saved! (2004)

Mary, a teenage girl at an American Christian high school has a vision
(brought on by a near drowning) that she must save her boyfriend. This
involves them doing the deed. He ends up at Mercy House to be fixed and Mary
ends up hiding her pregnancy. this leads her having a religious crisis and
being ostracised by her former friend Hilary-Faye, the Queen Bee of their

Mary ends up hanging out with the school misfits, Hilary-Faye's disabled
brother Roland and the annoying Cassandra, who labours under the
misapprehension that being rude and disrespectful means she is a rebel.
There is some amusing comedy and events come to a head on prom night as
everything comes to a head.

There is a somewhat improbable happily ever after, even for Hilary-Faye who
turns out to be a deeply unhappy person. This is mildly amusing.
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Heroes 3x07 Review

Eris Quod Sum

Arthur takes Maya's abilities. She's grateful and Pinehurst send her on her
way. Isn't Maya still a fugitive, wanted for multiple murders? Suresh has
gone bad and decides to do more experiments, because that's worked out so
well for him for the last three seasons. Elle and Claire work together.
Maury Parkman is killed off and Matt actually cares for some reason. Arthur,
Peter, Nathan and Sylar have more endless Petrelli angst.

In season 1, Sylar was this elusive supervillian, yet now he keeps getting roughed up and
captured. Sometimes twice or more in the same episode. Nathan learns his dad
is alive but Peter neglects to mention that Sylar is their elder brother for
some reason. Matt is a bad mind reader as he fails to see that Daphne is
playing him. Hiro bores. This was okay.
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Book Reviews: A Lick of Frost + Vamps

A Lick of Frost by Laurell K. Hamilton

The 6th in the 'Merry Gentry' series is quite good. This is because it
relies on plot to fuel the action.

Merry is the subject of unpleasant attention from her mad uncle. Merry is
also madly in love with Doyle and Frost, however there is a price to be paid
for the awakening magic and Frost is the one to pay it. Merry sulks. Merry
also is at last pregnant, but then there is the revelation of who the father
is. The mystery of who would be King to Merry's Queen is at last answered,
but it is a bit much. Also the magic is undercut by the fact that these
fairies carry guns and phones and hold press conferences. Also the fact that
a certain character is in Europe is mentioned about five times in the course
of the novel, maybe it's done in case we forgot the fact or something.

This is a good sensual read, but the title is embarrassing. The title of the
7th book is even worse: 'Swallowing Darkness'. Hamilton has to having a
laugh hasn't she?

Vamps by Nancy A. Collins

The start of a YA book series about rival vampire American princesses
attending Bathory Academy, a training school for vampire teenagers. While
not an original idea at all, 'Vamps' is a fairly good read with interesting
back-story and world building.

Lilith Todd is the psycho most popular True Born Old Blood at Bathory. She
rules her clique of wannabes with a iron fist. However she is obsessively in
love with her future husband Jules. Theirs is to be an arranged marriage
between their powerful and wealthy vampire clans. Lilith is obsessed with
Jules and the power their marriage will bring her. Jules is not so hot on

Then into Lilith's world comes Cally Monture, she doesn't have lineage,
money or power. Only an unknown Old Blood father who has ordered her to
attend Bathory. Cally's classmates and teachers look down on her as vampire
trash as she's only half Old Blood. But things could be even worse for Cally
if anyone at Bathory knew the truth about her mother.

However the slayers in the Van Helsing Institute know what Cally really is
and are interested in her and not in a benevolent way. Cally has to struggle
with her new school, vampire powers, mean classmates, stalking Van Helsings
and a vicious rivalry with Lilith Todd.

The petty teenager rivalry between two girls armed with vampire powers and
strength looks set to rock the world of the New York vampires. I'll be
reading book 2. It's an interesting read, with the character's very
different morality shocking the reader at times. The vampire origins and
culture is enthralling. This series could be one to watch, but one has to
wonder. Why is Lilith so popular? She's a cruel, crazy bimbo.
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Numb3rs Season 3 ep 24

The Janus List

I saw the season 3 finale of 'Numb3rs' and believe it to be their best
episode ever (so far). Don and Charlie are confronted by an apparent nutter
with a secret and when they finally learn that the secret is a list of
spies, it threatens to change the team forever. Because a team member is on
the list.

This ep had everything: Don waving a shotgun, a guest spot by James Frain of
'The Tudors', Don and Charlie bonding, Don having a math vision and the
puffy Colby being arrested as a spy. Sure the instigator of the whole plot
could have communicated his message in a less convoluted manner, sure
Charlie finding a pen that writes on glass was very convenient and Don seems
to be have had too much botox.

But all that can be overlooked by the tense brilliance of this ep: Don
punches James Frain, there is a call-back to Don's piano playing, Charlie
mentions his mathvision face. Excellent stuff.
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Prison Break Season 4 Ep 10

The Legend

Bellick's dead. People care, but not me. I remember what he did to Marilyn.
Self has somehow retrieved Bellick's body and it doesn't look like he was
smushed by gallons of water. Sucre reveals that T-Bag burnt down Sona - why
they didn't try that trick to escape at the start of season 3? Sara takes
Michael to the hospital and learns he needs brain surgery. Any side-effects
from his missing toes have never materialised. It is revealed that the idiot
receptionist Trishanne is in fact another FBI agent working for Don Self.
This was boring. So boring that I had time to ponder that Michael Rapaport's
hair seems to change colour from role to role ('My Name is Earl', 'The War
at Home'
and now 'Prison Break')