November 10th, 2008

Scary Books


I've heard so much about the backstage antics at 'Dollhouse' that one wonders if the show will ever air. I haven't heard about a show with so much backstage strife and troubled production since the ill fated 'Bionic Woman' remake or the disaster that was 'Manchester Prep'. We'll have to see how 'Dollhouse' turns out, but things aren't looking good.

I loved the live action 'Witchblade' tv show. So I have to wonder, what on earth happened to John Hensley in-between his role as Gabriel on 'Witchblade' and Matt on 'Nip/Tuck'? In 'Witchblade' he was cute and in 'Nip/Tuck', he was seriously fug. Whenever Matt appeared onscreen, you could picture the viewing audience visibly recoiling and not just in disgust at the character's latest psycho antics.

I did like 'Nip/Tuck' with its utterly OTT plotlines. but I stopped watching in season 3 after the resolution of The Carver storyline. One could live with Ava, Matt and his spiralling psychosis, Christian's sleeping with anything, Julia bring a doormat and Sean's smugness. But my enjoyment of the show was killed dead by the whole story arc of Kit and her fake British accent and Dr Quentin turning out to be The Carver as well as a couple. No, just no. It was dumb. Really dumb.

How did Kit fake being a Scotland Yard officer? Why were Sean and Christian still friends? Then there was the fact that Kit and Quentin got away scot free with their crimes. Ugghh.
Scary Books

Book Review: The Queen & I

The Queen & I by Sue Townsend

The creator of Adrian Mole gives us this take on the British Royal family. Originally published in 1992 (which is why the Queen Mother, Diana and Margaret feature) it see a Republican party win the General Election and disband the monarchy. So the Royal family (or some of them at any rate) are sent off to live in council houses on a run down vile housing estate.

So now the pampered royals have to learn how to be poor and deal with their vastly changed circumstances. This is a hilarious, laugh out loud novel. Sure it has a serious side with themes about dignity, depression and poverty. But it's still a hysterical read, even if Sarah Ferguson's whereabouts are never explained in the novel.
Scary Books

Masters of Horror: Incident On and Off a Mountain Road

I heard of the 'Masters of Horror' anthology series a good while ago but never got to see an episode until now. I learnt I didn't miss much, I've seen episodes of 'Monsters' or 'The Hitchhiker' that were better than this. I can't believe that Dan Coscarelli who gave us the 'Phantasm' movies directed this.

Anyway Ellen crashes her car and is chased by a monster. Luckily her crazy survivalist husband Bruce has taught her survival tactics. So she turns the table on the monster with its field of victims. 'Incident on and off a mountain road' was boring with an idiot plot. Angus Scrimm was wasted in his cameo role. Leaving aside the bad acting and the gore and bore, this wasn't scary.

Still it had one or two okay moments: like when Ellen launches her final fatal attack on the monster by smacking him with a skeleton and the twist that reveals what happened to Bruce.
Scary Books

Fringe Ep 6 Review

The Cure

Best Lines:
"We have goo-ification."

"What if these people aren't just experiments? What if somebody is preparing for something?"

A woman in distress is tossed out of a van. Then after staggering into a cafe, she goes all 'Scanners' on the people inside and everyone dies. It seems some mad scientists looking to turn people into living weapons are to blame. This show has more mad scientists than 'Eureka'. The person behind is all is the CEO of Intrepus, a rival to Massive Dynamic. So Massive Dynamic are helpful in taking him down. Massive Dynamic CEO Nina Sharp reveals she knows Peter. Meanwhile Olivia broods over her violent stepfather and his stalker antics. This was an okay episode.

So is Charlie the nice FBI agent going to be a good guy or a bad guy? Broyles looks like he should eat some sandwiches. Is there something weird about Peter?