November 3rd, 2008

Scary Books

One Character In Search Of A Plot: Xander and BTVS

What happened to the character of Xander Harris? He was the funny geek on
'Buffy The Vampire Slayer', he was the 90's 'Chuck'. But something went
terribly wrong. He didn't get a decent plot after Season 1's 'The Pack'.

Yes in Season 1's 'The Pack', Xander was possessed by a hyena spirit and got
to go bad. Afterwards? He wore a magic solider costume in 'Halloween' and
thereafter got solider skills depending on if the plot required him to
remember them. He dated Cordelia and lost her. He didn't get into college
and resented it. He slept outside every Christmas to avoid his family's
drunken fights (and this in a town full of vampires) and not one of his
friends cared. He slept with Faith and she tried to kill him. He never
apologized to Oz for the kissing Willow incident. The gang made it clear
they thought he was useless in 'The Zeppo'. He dated Anya and treated her
like crud to the point of ditching her at the alter and never, ever
apologizing. He was deeply jealous of Angel and Spike. He worshipped Riley
for some bizarre reason. Anya died and he didn't care. Now in the Season 8
comics, everything that happens to him (Dracula, Renee) is somehow all about

But what could have been.

In Season 5 Xander was supposed to be Glory's host. But for some reason,
that plot went to Ben (the cute Charlie Weber). That was a good plot. Ben
the nice intern, seemingly being set up as Buffy's newest boyfriend who
turns out to possessed by a hellgod. Poor conflicted Ben who just wanted to
be doctor and who nobody tried to save. In the end, he was murdered by Giles
and nobody seemed to care or notice. Also Giles never suffered any
repercussions for that action.

In Season 7, Xander was supposed to die and portray The First Evil But again
for some reason, that never happened. It could have been so cool. Such
promise, such potential and so little pay off. (2019 update: the actor's alcholism explains so much).
Scary Books

Fringe 1x05 Review

Power Hungry

Best Lines:
"Did you just make that thing come back to life?"
"Not in this particular instance."

"We're putting GPS chips on carrier pigeons to find a man who can control

"There's only room for one voice in your head, not two."

The weakest ep so far. A loser turns out to have been turned into
electro-man by a mad scientist. So after he causes an elevator crash and
various other accidents, the team must track him down. Peter subdues the guy
by smacking him with a crowbar. Olivia's visions of John Scott continue and
he may have been a good guy. The Observer makes a cameo in this ep. Blair
Brown isn't in this ep. Why is this show so blue, cold and chilly?
Scary Books

Dead Set Ep 5 Review

Ep 5

Riq joins up with Space, Marky, Patrick, Kelly, Pippa, Veronica and Joplin.
After some boring and endless Patrick ranting, all hell breaks loose. Riq's
shot and killed. Joplin opens the gates and a horde of ravenous zombies pour
in. Joplin's dead in seconds. The housemates run for it, but it's far too
late. The hordes are in and the jerky cam is going berserk. Patrick is
eaten. Veronica and Marky are over whelmed. Space is bitten. Pippa becomes a
zombie in record time.

When daylight breaks. Joplin's a zombie as are Space, Veronica and Marky.
And as for Kelly? In a truly nihilistic ending, her zombified, half eaten
body is seen staring at a BB camera. Meanwhile in a deserted shopping mall
somewhere, a zombie is watching her on the TV.

What a grim ending. I didn't like it. Patrick and Joplin were truly stupid.
The thing is; Patrick, Alex, Grayson, Angel and Riq are the lucky ones.
They're dead for keeps. Everyone else is just going to shuffle around until
they rot. Eeewww.

This was good Halloween tv. The best since BBC's 'Ghostwatch' back in 1992.
Maybe we'll get 'Dead Set 2' next year!