October 24th, 2008

Scary Books

Chuck Norris fact

'Family Guy' on Chuck Norris:

”Chuck doesn’t send in a tax return, he just sends the IRS a picture of himself in a crouched position, ready to strike.”
Scary Books

What killed 'Stargate Atlantis'?

What killed 'Stargate: Atlantis'?

Why did it go from compelling in season 1 to boring in season 5?

Sheppard looks bored and has for some time.
Rodney still being rude and smug.
The endless bloody Wraith, Michael, Replicators and Genii.
Screwing over Weir.
Shoehorning in Carter, Caldwell and Woolsey.
Losing the isolation of season 1 to turn the show into SG1-lite.
Sheppard's ancient DNA being forgotten.
Ronon's ratty wig.
The Asgard.
Scary Books

Book Review: Torchwood Skypoint

Torchwood: Skypoint by Phil Ford

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. This was not good at all. A criminal type has built an apartment block to hide his super secret HQ. Now there's a monster in the apartment block and it is eating the other tenants. Can Torchwood save the day? This was dull and full of info dumps and idiot plotting. The criminal is ludicrous and the discovery of the monster's identity was like something out of Scooby-Doo.
Scary Books

Fringe Ep 4 Review

The Arrival

It's aliens isn't it? That's what the Pattern and its weirdo henchmen are all about, aliens. Anyway a "can of magic space soup" or a mysterious tunnelling device is found. It looks like something you'd buy at Ann Summers. Anyway then this show's version of Richard Alpert shows up, an mysterious, maybe immortal guy who seems incapable of displaying human emotion. He is called The Observer and he observes Pattern events. Walter turns out to be not so doddery and has ties to The Observer. The mystery o'the week is unsolved and more questions are raised over Peter, it seems he can read his father's mind.

This was okay. What was the baddie's gun? What was Operation Thor? Why did The Observer call the device a Beacon and say he couldn't touch it? Why did The Observer save Peter and Walter's life in the car accident long ago? The Pattern has a mind reading interrogation machine?