October 21st, 2008

Scary Books

Book Review: Princess of Wands

Princess of Wands by John Ringo

Staunch Christian housewife Barbara discovers she has been chosen to fight on the side of good in a supernatural battle against demons and their worshippers. So armed with her faith and guns, she battles demons and demon summoners alongside her co-workers in the bayou swamp, a sci-fi convention and in the deep woods.

This Christian based fantasy is enjoyable and seems to be the first in a series. It should be good, one wonders if the subplot of Barbara's bone idle, lazy, unappreciative husband will be paid off in a later novel. Why Barbara married such a slug is unexplained. Anyway this has action, faith, demons, guns and blood. 

Got my Lost Season 4 DVD boxset!

Got it. Box art is lovely, but the disc art and the dvd menus are boring and to be blunt: ugly.

The extras on the Lost DVDs haven't been good since season 1. The best extras on this DVD were the mobisodes, the 'Lost in 8:15' segment and the faux-documentary 'A conspiracy of Lies'.

As for the eps, good to see them again and I liked seeing the extended press conference scene. It's so good.

I love the theme on the spine art of the boxets. Season 1 was Jack, Season 2 was the island, Season 3 was the Dharma logo and Season 4 is the helicopter. Very nice.
Scary Books

Heroes Season 3 Ep 4 Review

I am Become Death

Peter goes into the future and gets Sylar's power, because on this show: it's always all about Peter. In the future, Peter gets Sylar's son killed, causes Sylar to incinerate a town, kills Nathan and has forgotten all about the trapped in time Caitlin. Meanwhile Mohinder has gone bad (nobody notices or cares), Tracy discovers that she, Barbara and Nikki were triplets artificially given powers and Hiro and Ando continue to be boring.

This was good But why is the future always blue tinged? The flying people were a cool sight. What sides were chosen? Why did TPTB find it necessary to sex up Maya? She's not exactly mourning her brother is she? When did Maya learn English? Sylar being domestic with a son (called Noah!) and Mr Muggles was weird. Who was the mother? What did future Peter do? Matt and Daphne? How did that happen? Why did Daphne knock on the door if she was dying?