October 8th, 2008

Scary Books

Heroes season 3 Ep 2 Review

The Butterfly Effect

Best Line:
"Thank you turtle!"

Why is this show called 'Heroes'? All they seem to do is muck stuff up.
Fluffy bunny Claire no longer feels pain, Suresh has powers and is turning
into 'The Fly', Elle's vile Dad gets his and Hiro is a jerk to Ando. Also
large ham Angela claims to be Sylar's mother (oh for the love of) Matt
flails around in sand, Hiro's 'nemesis' Daphne looks like Harley Quinn,
Claire pants over future Peter seemingly forgetting he's her uncle, Nathan's
psychotic hallucinations of Linderman continue, Tracy's cool power is
revealed and Mr Bennett hangs around the show like a bad smell.

This was okay. But what is TPTB fascination with Sylar and Bennett? Also
Hiro's repeating his season 2 mistakes and seems set to turn Ando into his
enemy just like he did to Adam. The highlight of the ep was Nathan's deadpan
reaction to future Peter admitting attempted murder.
Scary Books

Prison Break 4x07 Review

Five The Hard Way

Best Line:
"The only thing that James Whistler ever gave anybody was the clap."

Now that's how to do it.

Wyatt continues to bore. Michael, Bellick and Mahone are menaced by T-Bag
and seemingly three hostages can't overpower a one armed man. Michael and
T-Bag go exploring secret closet holes together. Meanwhile Sara, Sucre,
Roland and Linc hang around Vegas looking for the next card. Somehow the
Company high up doesn't recognize Linc. Sara also wears a backless dress,
seemingly her scars have vanished. Maybe she went snorkelling in Vitamin E

In a hilarious side plot Sucre has to pretend to be a rent boy and in a more
serious plot Don Self shows spine after a pep talk from Mahone and confronts
the General. This was good. Gretchen's nasty line about Whistler makes one
wonder if he left her (and Sofia and by proxy Linc) something to remember
him by. The whole Self plot makes one wonder about his motives. Also why has
Linc not mentioned LJ or Sofia?