October 1st, 2008


Heroes 3x01 Review

The Second Coming

Who shot Nathan? It was Peter from the future. It seems that things got even
worse in the future thanks to our 'heroes' meddling. Future Peter exiles
Matt into a desert and somehow makes Peter a prisoner in the Company's Level
5 facility. Meanwhile Nathan is having visions of Linderman and has gotten
God. Nobody at all seems concerned that Nathan may be crazy or that's he now
resurrected from the dead twice. Future Peter is oddly okay with trying to
kill his own brother. Also nobody seems to notice or care that Matt is MIA.

Meanwhile Hiro travels into the future, sees an apocalypse and then returns
to his own time just in the nick of time just like he did in seasons 1 and
2. A little originality wouldn't go awry. Also he meets his nemesis and
learns that Ando could turn on him. Sylar is still around, they just won't
get rid of him. He does stuff with Claire's brain. Claire continues to be
useless, so much for 'save the cheerleader, save the world'. After putting
Molly on a bus off the show, Mohinder learns the source of the heroes powers
and does something incredibly stupid.

An okay start, but much needs to be done to improve the show. Every time I see Peter and his wonky mouth, all I see is that annoyance Jesse from 'Gilmore Girls'. Why is Hiro running the business? What about his sister? Doesn't she have powers too? What does Sylar do with people's brains? Who paints all those ominous paintings that keep cropping up all over the place? A world destroying formula. Oh how original. Where are Nathan's wife and kids? Who is Tracy? Hiro assumes Ando is the villain in the future. It doesn't occur to him that he could be the villain. This show needs to ditch Sylar, Mr Bennett and Claire already.
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Movie Review: Starship Troopers 3 (2008)

Starship Troopers 3: Marauder (2008)

Best Lines:
"Pick up that arm and find out who it belongs to."

"I think it's a good day to die, Sir."
"Outstanding! Glad you feel that way."

"Let's go crack a planet."

The best thing about this sequel is the hilarious and extremely twisted
'It's a Good Day to Die' music video.

The Federation suffer a defeat to the Bugs on Roku San. Johnny (the
returning untalented not pretty any more Casper van Dien) is blamed and
dragged off to be executed on the word of one-time friend General Dix. Now
Dix is a terrible General and a bad actor to boot. Then again Van Dien's own
acting hasn't improved in 11 years and he bellows all his dialogue. Johnny
makes no mention of Ace, Carl, Carmen or Zim, so one has to assume they've
died in the endless Bug War.

Anyway Captain Lola Beck (Jolene Blalock of 'Star Trek: Enterprise'), bible
bashing Holly (Marnette Patterson) and adored pop star/Sky Marshall Anoke
crash land on the desolate OM-1 planet. Admiral Phid (Amanda Donohoe!)
leaves them to their fate. But Dix saves Johnny from death and sends him off
on a mission to rescue them, using marauders (aka the power suits from the
original novel). But then Phid reveals just why she left them to die and
it's a very good reason that involves the captured Brain Bug from the first

This film looks cheap, an average 'Heroes' ep has better production values.
It has bad fake US accents, bad acting, bad CGI for the marauders, idiot
plotting and no explanation for how they explain Johnny's fake
non-execution. But it has some good bits: the peace movement that spoofs
'Born on the 4th of July', the religious revival plot arc, the crazy Anoke
and his musical number and the concept of the Behemecoytal bug. Also at one
point, it is casually mentioned in background dialogue that ONE BILLION
have died during the Bug War, nobody blinks at this. Which sums up
the twisted ST universe perfectly.

It has promise but doesn't live up to the original film. Still it tries real

Prison Break 4x06 Review

Blow Out

The 'Ocean's 11' theme of Season 4 is rapidly wearing out its welcome.

Gretchen goes to ground with his sister. Gretchen shows she has a heart and
a secret daughter. Yep, the sister is raising Gretchen's child as her own.
Now who is the father? Meanwhile Mahone is arrested, not one cop recognises
him. Michael stages a courthouse break to save Mahone because Alex is his
bestsest friend forever. Wyatt shows up to be non-ominous. Roland is sneaky.
T-Bag's idiot GATE plot drags on. Self continues to demonstrate he isn't a
nice person but when Wyatt ties to menace him, Self shows a backbone.

This ep was dull, I wonder if they're going to pull a season 2 Mahone on
Self and have him switch from lawman to murderous nutcase.

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Star Trek Mirror Images #3 Review

I missed issue 2. Anyway the plot jumps 70 years into the future to Picard's
tour of duty on the Starbreaker (nice ominous name). Picard is furious to
see the dying Empire being menaced by the growing Alliance so he takes
action to seize command. This was good, even if the continuity of the 'Star
Trek: Mirror Universe'
novels are ignored. As an added bonus the young
Picard is drawn to look like Tom Hardy in 'Star Trek: Nemesis'. This was good.