September 15th, 2008

Scary Books

Movie Review: The Duchess

The Duchess (2008)

A bio-pic based on the biography 'Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire' by
Amanda Foreman.

In 1774 Georgiana Spencer (an ancestor of Diana) marries the Duke of
Devonshire believing it to be a love match. It isn't. The couple are
ill-suited, the reserved, emotionally constipated Duke cannot cope with a
vivacious, needy wife. Plus the lack of a son causes him to fly into rages
and take Georgiana's only friend, Lady Bess Foster, as his mistress. The
unhappy Duchess takes refugee in fashion, society, politics, drink, gambling
and an affair with Charles Grey.

This is rather dull but it has lovely costumes. The duke loves his dogs but
not his wife and has a great line with: "Please put out Her Grace's hair.".
The Duchess' drinking, rampant gambling addiction and ill-health are played
down and Lady Bess is made overly sympathetic. Still the bizarre nature of
the ménage a trois is made clear. Charles Grey is utterly bland.  This is worthy but dull stuff.
Scary Books

New Amsterdam 1x08 Review

Love Hurts

The final ep of 'New Amsterdam'. John remembers being a grifter in the
1920's as he tries to catch a femme fatale in the present. John dumps Sara
and strides away looking tasty in a black trenchant. Another terrible ep.

Bye show, you were painfully medicore.
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I wish 'Century City' was on dvd.

Nick Knight on 'Forever Knight' had to be the worst vampire ever. There was one ep where a blind woman's guide dog became a vampire (yes you read that right) and turned its owner into a vampire. Yet everyone Nick tried to turn into a vampire died.

Forever Knight' had two fantastic soundtrack cds.

Still reading 'Guardians of the Lost'.

Need my season 4 'Lost' dvds.

Still haven't seen 'Fringe'.

What was the point of the 'Star Wars: Legacy of the Force' books? 
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Chuck Season 1 Review, part 3

Chuck Versus The Crown Vic

Best Line:
"I think I made a horrible mistake."
"What did you swallow this time?"

The worst ep of season 1. The Chuck/Sarah UST is tiresome at this point.
Morgan meets Anna's parents. The only point of interest in this entire ep is
when Casey is told the new Intersect is being built and then Chuck will be
'taken care of'. Which is no doubt a big set-up for season 2. Dreadful ep.

Chuck Versus The Undercover Lover
Casey's ex-girlfriend Ilsa pulls a Bryce Larkin and returns from the dead.
But guess what? She's a spy too! So she, Casey, Chuck and Sarah work
together to take down some bad people. In the ep highlight: Casey gets in a
fight while Chuck is tied to his back and then the duo get thrown off a
hotel balcony and land in the pool.. Okay.

Chuck Versus The Marlin
Devon (aka Captain Awesome) is going to propose to Ellie with an antique
family heirloom ring that doesn't look antique at all. Chuck finds a bug in
the Buy More and it seems Fulcrum are onto him. So Chuck faces being shipped
off to a 'holding facility'. Meanwhile the Buy More is thrown into chaos
when it is 'robbed'. In the end Chuck is saved from the holding facility,
Fulcrum are thwarted (for now) and Ellie and Devon get engaged. However
season 1 ends on the ominous note of Casey and Sarah discussing how Chuck
can't stay with his family forever. A good ep.

I like this show. I hope season 2 is good and has Bryce in it and explains
more about Fulcrum and the new Intersect.