September 5th, 2008

Scary Books

Book Review: Thin Air Weather Warden #6

Thin Air: Weather Warden Book 6 by Rachel Caine
Book 1 & 2 were good, book 3 wasn't and book 5 didn't interest me. I haven't found book 4 yet so I dove into book 6 with some gaps in my Weather Warden knowledge.

Joanne Baldwin wakes up naked in a forest and stricken with amnesia, then two strangers show up claiming to be her friends and telling her about danger and her magical powers. Joanne is confused, injured and worried. Then some more people show up and a terrible darkness seems to be tracking Joanne.

So begins a race across country, a conflict with a demon, human monsters, an alliance of Wardens/Djinn and the Ma'at and the fact that the media has become aware of the existence of the Wardens. This was surprisingly good despite the soap opera trope of amnesia and the magical kid. interesting to see that the crazy Kevin of books 2&3 is now an ally of Joanne. I'm enjoying this series, now I have to seek out books 4&7.