August 25th, 2008

Scary Books

Annoyed at the Weather Warden series

Finally found book 3 'Chill Factor' about Joanne's showdown with the disturbed and uber-powerful Kevin and what happens? It all becomes all about Joanne and her shoes and her clothes. What was that? Am seriously annoyed.
Scary Books

Angel #11 review

Angel: After The Fall #11

Angel has a showdown with the deranged Gunn which ends very badly, for
Angel. Also it seems that Gwen may be on Gunn's side. This was an iffy,
water treading issue with some really awful art.
Scary Books

New Amsterdam Ep 5

Keep the Change

As John's stalking of Sara fails to yield any results. Flashbacks to 1964
show how an alcoholic John ended up in the nut house. This show is hugely
disappointing. It's just dull, seen-it-all-before stuff. Why is John
interested in Sara? Why do Eva and Sara look like they've swallowed a
hamster? How is John a detective if he's only been using his current
identity for 5 years? He has 63 kids?

Dull. Dull. Dull. Dull. Dull. 
Scary Books

Movie Review: Get Smart (2008)

Based on the 60's tv show.

Steve Carrell dead-pans his way through this spy spoof, making one wonder
how Jim Carrey just gave up his career to this guy without a fight. Anne
Hathaway plays Agent 99 and her stunt double does some cool martial arts
stuff. Dwayne Johnson plays the suave Agent 23 and is really hot.

This is funny with some nice action, Johnson being hot, good stunts and oh
yes, that kiss. It's not that deep but it is a nice fun movie and sometimes
that's all you want. Something fun, light and frothy.
Scary Books

Book Review: Soon I Will be Invincible

Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman

A supervillian and a new superhero tell two different sides of the same

Doctor Impossible is a supervillian who wants to be invincible, take over
the world and crush his arch-enemy CoreFire. Now while CoreFire is the
perfect superhero, he is also a jerkass who bullied Doctor Impossible at
school. Meanwhile Fatale is a new superhero drafted into a legendary team of
heroes, she feels she cannot live up to her beloved dead predecessor's
legacy. But are the heroes really heroes or just bullies in leotards?

This is a witty, funny take on the superhero genre. It puts the stuffy, full
of itself 'Heroes' to shame.
Scary Books

Best Numb3rs quote of season 1

Charlie to Don: Statistically, you're dead now. You understand what that means? A man aimed a gun at your head and fired. The fact that you survived is an anomaly, and it's unlikely to be the outcome of a second such encounter.