August 22nd, 2008

Scary Books

Best Movie Quote of the summer from The Dark Knight

"Let me get this straight. You think that your client, one of the wealthiest, most powerful men in the world, is secretly a vigilante who spends his nights beating criminals to a pulp with his bare hands; and your plan, is to blackmail this person?"
Scary Books

Book Reviews: Troy Game Book 2 + When She Was Bad

God's Concubine: Book Two of The Troy Game by Sara Douglass

From Bronze Age Greece to the Norman Conquest of Britain.

Old souls have been reborn, the Minotaur is biding his time and The Troy
Game has changed. The vile Brutus has reborn as William of Normandy who will
be known to history as William the Conqueror. Though still obsessed with the
Troy Game and Genvissa, William has time to reflect on past actions and
deeds and dwell on his faults.

Meanwhile Genvissa has been reborn as court lady Swanne, her lust for power
leads her into the minotaur's trap and the former master manipulator becomes
the manipulated plaything of a sadist. Cornelia is now Caela the neglected
Queen of King Edward the Confessor, she does not recall her past. But the
day is coming when she will and then everything will change.

Destiny, history, intrigue and ancient powers co-mingle as events head
toward the Norman Invasion of 1066, in which this lifetime's version of the
Troy Game will be played out to a tragic conclusion. William seems to have
more IQ points then he did as Brutus, but he is still an idiot with an anger
management problem. Caela is still inexplicably in love with her rapist as
she allows the trials of her old life to tragically manipulate her present
life. Swanne hasn't changed at all, but her ambition costs her dearly.

While this is a good fantasy series, Douglass' take on male/female
relationships can be a bit quease inducing. Still that reservation aside,
this is a good read with a fascinating take on the Norman Conquest.

When She Was Bad by Jonathan Nasaw

Lily suffers from multiple personality disorder. When under stress she can
change into the trampy Lilah or the violent Lilith. After a particularly bad
experience, she's forcibly committed to a mental institution. There she
meets the gentle caring Lyssy, another MPD sufferer. Yet for all his
sensitivity one of Lyssy's other personalities, the violent sadist Max,
killed over a dozen women. But the institution' s doctor is convinced he can
cure both Lyssy and Lily of their problems.

Unfortunately his treatment is highly illegal and it doesn't actually work.
Instead of destroying the violent alter-egos, it forces Lilith and Max to
the surface and when they meet. It's love. So the psychopathic alteregos
escape. Can they be stopped? Can Lily and Lyssy retake control?

A dark, enjoyable tale. The writing style indicates author seems to be
trying for a Stephen King like folksy approach. This is a thoroughly twisted
love story. One question though: where on earth was the police dragnet for
Lyssy the escaped serial killer?