August 13th, 2008

Scary Books

The Inside Ep 3 Review


Best Line: "Police found a loaded 45 and a shovel in his minivan."

Rachel and the gang hunt a serial killer who kills people who are about to become serial killers themselves. This is a good episode with a creepy villain played by Michael Emerson (Ben on 'Lost'). Rachel saves the day again (its a wonder the other VCTF team members bother to show up as they don't get to do anything other than make quips). The only problem with this show is that Rachel has been in danger in all three eps so far. 
Scary Books

Jericho Season 2 Review, part 2

Termination For Cause

People are out for Goetz's blood now Bonnie is dead and Mimi injured. But
Beck, who has terrible people skills, says that isn't going to happen.
Stanley shoots Goetz in the head anyway. Meanwhile New Bern whine about
being punished for their warmongering murderousness. This was good.


Memorable Line: "The Rangers were saving lives back when you couldn't have
found Jericho on a map."

Beck is angry about Goetz's fate so he has Jake dragged off for some
questioning. After three days without sleep or food Jake is hallucinating
wildly. So Eric and Gail plot a rescue and the irate Jericho citizens riot.
Another good one.

Patriots And Tyrants

This season has moved at a breakneck pace and here we have the final ever
ep. Beck reads Hawkins laptop (which isn't password protected) and learns
what is really going on. Meanwhile Hawkins and Jake try to get evidence
about the attacks to Texas to undermine the ASOA. So in the end Beck rebels,
the citizens of Jericho rebel and Jake and Hawkins are in Texas and a new
American Civil War is about to erupt.

This was okay and not an entirely satisfying end for the series. The unaired
ending was better. Still the dogfight between Texas and the ASOA was great. 
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Witchblade Review Part 1

A show based on the comic book series. The Witchblade is a talisman that has
been passed down from woman to woman over the centuries. It gives the wearer
supernatural powers and Sara Pezzini (Yancy Butler) an NY cop becomes the
latest wearer.

Sara has a bad week as her best friend and her partner are killed, she
gets an idiot new partner named Jake, finds out she was adopted and becomes
the new owner of the Witchblade. This gets the attention of oily rich guy
Kenneth Irons and his minion Ian Nottingham. Sarah fights her best friend's
killer, her dead partner Danny returns as a ghost and flashbacks reveal the
Witchblade was worn by Joan of Arc who looks just like Sara. Good.


Iron's genetically enhanced soldiers rebel and try to kill him, it is up to
Sara to save the day. Irons is trying really hard to be LaCroix from
'Forever Knight'. This was uh. Stuff to look for: a hubcap flying off Jake's
car as he does a handbrake turn, the mid air motorbike gunfight, Irons and
the 'baddie' spouting fortune cookie quotes at each other and Iron's chess


Best Line: "If she ever realises her true nature, god help us all."

Sara and Jake investigate the death of a young model who has been turned
into an obviously plastic skeleton and cross paths with Dominique Boucher.
Dominique and Irons were an item back in the day and he let her wear the
Witchblade but it rejected her so now she wants it back and attacks Sara
with a big metal snake to get it. Sara sees a photo of a woman from the
40's named Elizabeth Bronte who looks just like her. Yancy Butler does look
good in the vintage costumes. This ep was ok but does this show ever rise
above being all glossy while people talk portentously at each other? There
is a major snafu early on as Sara arrives at work in good weather and one
scene later, there is a full scale blizzard. 
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Stargate: Continuum (2008) Review

Ba'al the last System Lord is to be executed. SG1 +Jack show up to gloat.
Carter for some reason isn't at Atlantis. Somehow Ba'al timetravels back to
1939 to change Earth's history so the Stargate programme never happens. Cam,
Sam and Daniel end up in this AU world where everyone is angry and shouts a
lot. A year passes and Ba'al shows up to invade. SG1 head off to stop him.

This was boring as hell. Jack was a jerk, Apophis showed up again, there
were continuity winks with Hayes, Cronos, Hammond, Camulus and Qetesh. but
there were plot howlers like: Ba'al has a satellite phone, the vanishing
Russian solider and no mention of what happened to Mitchell. And don't get
me started on the team's callous indifference to Ba'al unfortunate host. 
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Bonekickers Ep 6 Review

Follow The Gleam

This terrible, terrible show finally ends. Shouty Woman goes berserk looking
for Excalibur as a secret society of men in silly masks stalk her. I will
admit that the history of Excalibur as described did sound good as did the
involvement of Tennyson but any goodwill evoked by those neat ideas was
undone by idiot plotting. Shouty Woman got to do a Lady Of The Lake act and
seconds after Excalibur is found it's shattered. The team promptly toss it
back into the lake. They should all be arrested for cultural vandalism. 
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The Tudors Season 2 Ep 3 Review

After the stalled plot and snail's pace of season 1, this ep was a wonder.
So much happened. Cranmer became Archbishop, Cromwell became Chancellor,
Henry married Anne and crowned her Queen of England. However Henry was
displeased when Anne gave birth to a girl and promptly took a mistress.
Good. But why was Cranmer smuggling a woman in a crate? I don't think that
was an accurate description of the Jesuits. Princess Mary has aged a lot
since Season 1.