August 11th, 2008

Scary Books

Smallville Season 7 Review: 'Arctic'

Lex finds out Clark's secret. After Clark lies to and insults Lex again, Lex destroys the Fortress of Solitude sinking it, Clark and himself into the frozen sea. As Lex's final episode this was okay. But after all the clex fun of early seasons to see Clark still being a self-righteous moron and no clex in sight. Well it makes you sigh for the lost opportunities. Too much time is wasted on useless Jimmy, Clark moping over Lana, Lois looking about 45, Chloe being arrested and Lana leaving.

After the events of this ep, will Clark ever stop being a snot? Clark  doesn't care about Kara trapped forever in a 2D prison, Veritas, Chloe or Lex. All he cares about is Lana. Even when Lex is in the Fortress of  Solitude, Clark lies to him. No apology for years of accusations, distrust or the events of 'Shattered/Asylum'. The final scene is good. Lex tries to save the Earth from a threat, if Clark had only talked to him instead of ranting. How so much could have been different. 
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New Amsterdam Ep 3

Soldier's Heart

John turns stalker to find his true love Sara and she's married. Meanwhile he also remembers being a battlefield surgeon in 1862 while investigating a murdered shrink. The shrink's death has ties into a recovered memories case lawsuit.  This was dull. 
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BTVS #17 & The Sisterhood #2 Reviewed

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 #17 Time Of Your Life Part 2

Fray and Erin are hunting vampires and looking for Harth. Meanwhile Harth is working with a mysterious Goth woman as part of a cunning plan. In Scotland the castle is under mystical attack. Buffy and Fray work together unaware of just who is behind Buffy's temporal misadventures: an immortal Willow who has gone darkisde.

This was a good issue, dodgy art aside. So with the dramatic revelation about Willow, is Twilight not the true baddie of Season 8 after all? Why did Willow go darkside AGAIN, was it all the flying? Why was Xander so callous about the dead slayers? TPTB aren't hinting at a Dawn/Xander pairing are they? Fray is mature and Buffy acts like a 12 year old, nothing new there. Will the slayer army finally do something about Twilight now he's blown up their castle?

Best Line:
"Vampires gain strength from each other. Slayer's ultimately don't."

The Sisterhood #2

Demon exorcising nuns! Vatican covert ops! Demons! Blood! Long lost evil sisters! Sword fights! Uzi touting elderly nuns! This is a great read. How to wrap this all up in only one more issue?
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Shows I Wish Had Lasted Longer:
Profit, Hidden Palms, Highlander: The Raven,
Blade: The Series, Hex, Blood Ties, The Burning Zone, Point Pleasant,
Odyssey 5, Queen of Swords, American Gothic, Alien Nation, Vengeance
Unlimited, Jekyll, Journeyman, Moonlight, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Birds of Prey.

Shows I Once Liked But That Jumped The Shark:
Smallville, Earth: Final  Conflict, Criminal Minds, Stargate: Atlantis and Andromeda.

Things I'd Like To See On A TV Show:
On 'Numb3rs', I'd like to see Don punch Charlie just once.
Scary Books

Jericho Season 2 Review, part 1

After the attacks and the fight for survival in Season 1, things now get
down to rebuilding in Season 2.


Memorable Line: "What happened with the flag?"

The Jericho/New Bern battle is crushed in a decisive manner and normality is
restored. Why is this reconstruction so ominous. A goodish start to the
final season. Beck is an interesting addition to the cast.


The self declared President visits Jericho and gives an ominous speech
renaming the country the Allied States of America and flying the new flag.
Hawkins plots. A reporter dies mysteriously after he and Jake have a candid
talk. There is talk of UN peacekeepers on patrol on the border between the
ASOA and the old USA. In the final scene, Ravenwood returns to Jericho.

Jennings & Rall

Everyone is disgusted that Ravenwood are back in town after their spree of
murdering and looting last season. Jake reveals that Ravenwood is the
mercenary arm of the Jennings & Rall corporation. He knows this because in
his 5 year exile from Jericho, he worked for Ravenwood. In fact he and some
other J&R mercenaries shot up a town in Iraq during said exile. Jake's
mysterious past is now revealed after all the hints in season 1. After
Ravenwood impounds the vaccine for the lethal Hudson River virus, things get
ugly. An okay ep, Jake looks good despite the fact he has spent the season
so far looking like he needs a shower.


Memorable Line: "This is not Red Dawn!"

Teen smugglers Dale and Skyler get called on their smuggling, extortion and
criminality by Jennings & Rall. With Dale headed for a Maximum Security
prison, Jake takes action. Meanwhile after J&R issues the new currency Mimi
discovers someone is embezzling from J&R. So Ravenwood goons show up at the
farmhouse and gun down her and Bonnie. Good.