August 5th, 2008

Scary Books

New Amsterdam Ep 2

Golden Boy

John and Eva investigate the death of a student. Meanwhile events from
John's past in 1941 are revealed. The whodunit student plot is boring but the reveal of some of John's long, long life (he was born in 1607) is interesting. John's elderly friend Omar is in fact his son. John also had an elderly daughter in 1941. John's had many wives and kids(some of whom knew about his immortality). How many wives and children has John had over the years? We know he's on his 36th dog. But via Omar, he has a granddaughter and a great-grandson.

John also sports an English accent in one scene and reveals he was strangled at some point in the past. John's back-story is more entertaining then the modern day aspects of this episode. This ep is dull but it does have nice opening credits.
Scary Books

The Inside Ep 2

Old Wounds

This is an unsettling episode. A sleazy guy is the prime suspect for a
series of murders. But it turns out he is object of obsession for the true, disturbed killer.

This was an okay episode with more layers added to Rachel. Did she send that text to Paul or was Webb spewing BS?
Scary Books

Movie Review: The X Files

The X Files: I Want To Believe (2008)

10 years after 'Fight The Future', Chris Carter has churned out another
dull, boring X Files movie. Why did they bother? It had some cute continuity moments (mentions of William and Clyde Bruckman and an unwelcome return from an old face). But the plot was just some serial killer of the week bilge that could have been a rejected 'CSI: Miami' script.

What was the point of Amanda Peet's character? Weren't Mulder and Scully on the run at the end of the final ever ep of 'The X Files'? What about the alien colonization that will occur in 2012? Where are Doggett and Monica? Why did Mulder and Scully never get William back? What was the point of any of Scully's hospital scenes?

Lord this was a boring waste of time.
Scary Books

Chuck #2 Review

Chuck, Casey and Sarah are in Japan being chased by ninjas and murderous schoolgirls in this funny tale. This is an entertaining read. Sadly the rest of the series didn't live up to the promise in this issue and the whole thing fizzled out. I'm thinking of dropping this.
Scary Books

Book Reviews: Star Trek Fearful Symmetry & Infinity's Prism

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Fearful Symmetry by Olivia Woods

The DS9 relaunch continues with this book which was delayed for a year for unexplained reasons.

It's a slim placeholder tale which seems to exist solely to set up future books in the DS9 relaunch. There are two stories in this volume, one revolves around Kira trying to stop the Iliana who has travelled to the Mirror Universe and taken the Intendents place and the other tells Iliana's origin and how she went from a spoiled centred adored daughter into an insane former spy.

The Iliana story is far more interesting as it shows how she was shaped by her father and her lover and how she was warped by her trainer and Gul Dukat. If the Terok Nor trilogy didn't do enough to show what a monster Dukat was, this book shows another aspect of his depraved and twisted personality. No wonder Iliana is an insane, murderous loony after everything she was put through.

The Kira storyline promises hijinks in the Mirror Universe involving Kira, Vaughn and the deranged Iliana. This is a good book.

Star Trek: Myriad Universes #1: Infinity's Prism by William Leisner, Christopher L. Bennett and James Swallow

There have rumours of this book series for years going under such names as 'What If' and 'Other Times'. Anyway volume 1 (of 3) is here telling three tales of universes where what might have been actually happened.

A Less Perfect Union

Terra Prime forever!

A 100 years have passed since Terra Prime achieved its dream of an isolationist Earth. Now a paranoid, xenophobic Earth engages in an ongoing cold war with the Interstellar Coalition. However with plans afoot to apply for membership in the Coalition, T'Pol the sole surviving crewmember of the NX-O1, is dragged out of seclusion to be part of the application. However she faces hostility from the crew of the current Enterprise, among them Christopher Pike and James Kirk.

A very good tale. A fascinating take on how things could have gone very differently for Earth and how well known TOS characters have very different lives and attitudes. This version of TOS is populated by dislikeable, bigoted jerks but it doesn't have to remain that way. Humanity is at a crossroads but which way will they go?

Places Of Exile

After the events of 'Scorpion Part 1', the USS Voyager is crippled in an attack by Species 8472 and stranded permanently in the Delta Quadrant. Now refugees, the crew have to remake their destinies and that of the Delta Quadrant itself.

A very good tale that shows how 'Star Trek: Voyager' should have gone. The crew have to deal with various races, cultures and problems they ignored and passed by for three years. It seems in the Trek world that after Voyager's return home, the Delta Quadrant was forgetten about. But here the lost opportunity that was the Delta Quadrant is given a chance to breathe and grow.

Seeds of Dissent

The Wrath of the Children of Khan.

Four centuries after Khan conquered the world and remade humanity in his own image, augments dominate an interstellar Empire. But Princeps Julian Bashir of the warship Defiance is about to make a discovery that will shake his world to ruins, a sleeper ship named Botany Bay.

The sleeper ship contains refugees from the Eugenics Wars, humans who fled Khan's madness. They know the true account of the Eugenics Wars. But will anyone listen to them? Very good even if the idea of an augmented O'Brien is ridiculous.
Scary Books

Book Review: Heat Stroke

Heat Stroke: Weather Warden 2 by Rachel Caine
Joanne used to be a Weather Warden, then a co-worker killed her and now she's back from the dead as a djinn. Now she is trying to master life as a djinn and bond with her djinn lover David. But Joanne soon realises that her new life isn't going to be so easy. There is much she doesn't know about djinns, like their powers, their world and their origins. Also she does not fully realise the price of her resurrection.

Trying to juggle life as a djinn and the price of her new life, Joanne overlooks a threat close to her. That is a mistake that will have deadly consequences.

A good follow up to 'Ill Wind'. as there is more world building and a fascinating exploration of Joanne's powers. The villain in this book is a stereotype but the set-up of the villain for book 3 'Chill Factor' is very well done. Joanne is partly responsible for creating this new villain and hopefully 'Chill Factor' will see her deal with that fact.