July 8th, 2008

Scary Books

Right this second (sorta)

Reading: The Touch of Twilight

Waiting for: Bonekickers, episode 1.

Remembering: The dream I had last night about the 9th Doctor Who and his leather jacket. Yummy.

Missing: Chuck, come back to my tv. I wanna see more Bryce Larkin. I like BL more than Chuck actually.

Opinion: The Other Boleyn Girl was an okay film.

Wondering: Is Tin-Man any good?
Scary Books

Book Review: The Serpent Bride (DarkGlass Mountain #1)

 The Serpent Bride

This is the first Sara Douglass book I've read and I've come to some conclusions about her: writing romance is not her forte, she dosen't like women and she likes big, epic action.

It took me awhile to get into this book. The trope of all the menz are god like heroes and all the wimminfolk are simpering, jealous, ebil bitches was a bit much. Still the overall story arc was good but the romance of King 'Maxel' (sounds like a coffee blend) and the Serpent Bride was just too much. It was like an episode of Maury and true to the Maury trope, there's an ebil manstealing wagon who steals Maxel by being a slut.

Then there is the other ebil slut character Salome who gets a redemption arc through a series of events that cannot be described. And her love interest is a pillock who is for some reason a hero, squick aside.

It is better then it sounds, the characters are cliches and the tricked into sex trope is used way too much. However the action is good and the overall mystery of DarkGlass is enjoyable