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Movie Review: Red Heat (1988)

Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Belushi star in this action comedy that does not enthrall. A Russian cop named Danko (Arnie) who is prone to random outbursts of violence and fighting men in the snow whilst wearing a tiny towel comes to Chicago. This was one of the first films allowed to film in Russia.

Peter Boyle, Ed O'Ross, Gina Gershon and Larry Fishburn co star. There are backwards R's and Danko battering several shades of fake tan out of baddies. Danko is not best pleased at having to go to the USA, which is a place he finds monstrously strange. Danko is stone faced and hates anti values. Ed O'Ross is the baddie who has a contemptuous, agenda-laced, malevolent look.

The slob chicago cop (Belushi) has an alienating attiude. It is still the days of the USSR. Deeply bizarre things happen. People mumble about the devastation of drugs. Danko cannot act unthreateningly. This was dated with no validity. I wonder if this inspired 'Due South'. There is amoral duty and no unrelenting pace.

Baddies have illicit and shameful ends. There is casual police brutality and cultural conflict. Drugs are a trigger for despair. There are ironically hilarious miserabilists. There is provocative boasting and strikingly careless people with no efficacy. There is emotional hardship and this was irrational and dismal and it holds no prestige. Responsbility is attributed.

Baddies have an indicious agenda. This was utterly appalling and quality is of so little concern. Baddies have a grim duty. Danko has mild irascibility, bluff superority and ramrod stradfastness. Belushi has profound agitation. Nobody behaves in a reasonable manner. Volatile types completely overreact and cause rows at every opportunity. The dreaded baddie who is of course named Viktor gets his and Danko has complete sincerity and likes to cause raging confrontations.

Danko and the Chicago slob Ridzik part as friends. This was unimportant in itself. This was filmed on location in Chicago and Moscow. One does ponder why Ed O'Ross never had a better career.

Best Lines:

“How do you Soviets deal with all the tension and stress?”


“Take my Pete Rose here.”

“Politicans wouldn't go for it.”

“Shoot them first.”

“Who is Dirty Harry?”

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