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Fire In Space

Boxey and Athena play games. Boomer lurks. The Cylons attack. How does the Galactica have endless fuel and ammo? Boxey is a bad child actor. There is a kamikaze attack on Galactica's bridge and landing bay by the Cylons. There is a flurry of bad VFX and worse acting.

I swear at one point you can see a string pulling a cylon raider. The ship goes on fire. Adama is critically injured, Tigh still doesn't get to be in command as Adama gives orders from his sickbed. Why aren't Boomer and co suffocating from all the smoke? Where are the firefighters getting the water they are fighting the fire with? The robot dog saves the day. This was an expected disappointment. This was not utterly compelling. There are no unimaginable compromises like in the reboot. Boxey and Athena are seen as more deserving of help.

Best Lines:

“Fire areas.”

“When this door opens, if it opens.”

“Crossed his defensive line.”

“5 full sections aflame and nowhere else to fall back to.”

The War Of The Gods

Patrick Macnee guest stars. Athena does nothing. People play ball games in porno looking outfits. Starbuck and Apollo look like porn stars in the get up. Bad VFX and an alien who mind controls the stupid feature. Bright lights fly around. People in the fleet are feckless and follow the alien. The alien named Iblis is obviously evil. Baltar shows up on the Galactica. This was dull and tellingly trivial. This show is hardly a celebration of plot. Iblis goes on about some hinted-at trouble and tramples on Adama's dreams. Adama is a forceful advocacy for clarity. Iblis is a vexing intrusion. This was a souless grind. Iblis is obviously on a diabolic enterprise. This was a lunatic endeavour.

Best Lines:

“Little on the loony side.”

“It's appalling.”

“Who asked you?!?”

The Gang Deals With Alternate Reality

Diane Lockhart finds herself in a world where Hillary Clinton is POTUS. This show has some bizarre obsession with Clinton and Trump. Gary Cole shows up. The opening credits are interesting. Diane is shocked to learn that with Hillary in charge things are not better and wonderful. In fact they are calamitous. Hilary won in a landslide and cured cancer. Oh FFS.

There is babble about the Supreme Court. The libtards won't let it go. The rain forest has been saved and polar bears are in bloom. There are unintended consequnces though: MeToo never happened. Diane makes no cautious decisons and there are severe potential outcomes to that. Diane learns she is Weinstein's lawyer and that he got the Presidental Medal Of Freedom from Hillary. Diane has to represent him in court against accusers.

This raises some crucial issues on integrity. Diane's coworkers have reprehensible behaviour. Patently inaccurate claims are made. There is disinformation and lies. Hillary has taxed the law firm into going bankrupt. This ep has ludicrous and ultimately meaningless. This does not even cause real engagement.

There is betrayal, cajoling, calculation and no reasonableness. So much for cultural identity. There is rhetoric and aspiration and no parity and no obligation or purpose. This was futile. People aren't supportive. There are no momentous stakes. Society hasn't changed. Things are a bad historical fit. This was not a profound doctrine. This was dreadful. There are no practical implications. This was a burden and tensions flare. Things are chaotic.

There is no objective reasonableness. There is no personal contrition. Diane's conduct is under the microscope, not Weinstein's. There is a sense of rage and clear intentions. Trump has a tv channel. This does not matter immensely. There is 4th wall breaking and extremely irresponsible behaviour. There is screaming, non-death, a SWAT team, a hallcination and no acceptance of culpability. This was slightly incomprehensible.

Best Lines:

“Nothing yet.”

“Art house purchases.”

“Coming forward for attention.”

“Are you micro-dosing again?”

“Likes a folksy story or 2.”

“Women Unite For Change.”

“U2? The band?”

“Why was he masturbating in plants?”

“This wall is your wall.”

“Why are you drawing the line here?”

“Need the mood of your times on your side.”

“A long way to go.”

“A long way to what?”

“No one is alone.”


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