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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Domina' trailer

“There's no end to it.”

'Batwoman' 2x11 promo


'Army Of The Dead' trailer

A zombie tiger?!? I'm there.

My ex brutally rebuffed me. My ex is totally disinterested. My ex treated me miserably. People do and say horrible things and have coldness. I'm very bitter. My ex made a cold decision.

'Penance' looks silly.

RIP Margaret Wander Bonanno.

Finished part 10 of 'The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward' and thought the conclusion mmmm.

'The Times Literary Supplement' Quotes:

“Sordid surroundings.”

“Serious social difficulty.”

“Strain on the readers credulity.”

“Pitifully decrepit.”

“Narrative restrictions.”

“Indefinite threat irritated him.”

“Slightly deranged interior monologue.”

“Confers reality on them.”

“Social stratum.”


“As if autofiction is not full of its own curation.”

“Pietistic pictures.”

“Rueful smirk.”

“Prepared to mourn.”

"Ancient domain.”

“Recondite words.”

“Ritual fulminaiton against cliche.”

“Notorious cliche.”

“Whiff of tautology.”

“Flourishes without care.”

“Local eccentric.”

“Raise it to the level of civility.”

“Neglect of education perpetuated ignorance and degeneracy.”

“Sublime horror.”

“Unsatisfyingly cold.”

“Inevitable escape of malign substances.”

“Increasingly parasitic.”

“Annoyingly vague.”

“Really quite creepy.”

“Notably unjarring.”

“Spiralled into dangerous and destructive eccentricity.”

“Homicidally impure.”

“Horrible impiety.”

“Avoid the consequences of his actions.”

“Moral laxity.”

“Particularly offended.”

“Honest gallantry.”

“Every type of perversion.”

“Self-imposed dilemmas.”

“Antagonistic values.”

“Nobility of achievement.”

“Political and ideological co-responsibility.”

“Journalists pounced on his depravities, the authorities were permanently on his case and eventually every regime under which he lived-monarchical, revolutionary, imperial – would lock him up.”

“Few, however, take him very seriously as a thinker.”


“Bleak outlook.”


“Make their brothers' beds and serve them at table.”

“Go against their families and communities.”

“Dispiriting truth.”

“Companions in misery.”

“Hostile image.”

“An elite in decline and denial.”

“Moral responsibility.”



“Malignant history.”

“Obtusely misunderstands this melancholy observation to be a moral accusation.”

“Venomous hatred.”

“Lack of any plausible motivation.”

“All that matters is tomorrow.”

“Sin and expiation.”

'The Incredible Story Of Marie Antoinette's Watch' Quotes:

“Big mysteries of French history.”

“Take 44 years to finish.”

“Never pay for it.”

“Terrible period.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Struggled to match its love of the sport with major winners.”

“Supersedes and renders null and void.”

“Misses out opportunities.”

“National moment.”

“Literary resonances.”

“Concern with social acceptance.”

“Cultivate belonging and avoiding being cut out of the group.”

“Causing problems functioning in everyday life.”

“Dissect what was said, why it was said.”

“Becomes distressed easily.”

“Emotional sensitivity.”

“Determine the appropriate emotion.”

“That love would quickly turn to absolute hatred. They'd become my enemy without even knowing.”

“Negative connotations.”

“Becoming increasingly dilapidated.”

“In derelict conditions.”

“Not welcome, had not been invited and should leave.”

“Leaves emotional scars that sometimes remain for decades.”

“Gives their tormentors a further excuse for excluding them.”

“Lead people to exclude themselves from future situations in which they fear rejection, thus increasing their exclusion.”

“That whole narrative, I never asked to be a part of it.”

“Appropriatley shattered.”


'Neighbours' Quote:

“Pestered into a conversation.”

'Wellington Paranormal' Quotes:

“You look extremely suspicious when you're running mate, especially when you're naked.”

“Proceeded to attack me in a violent and threatening manner.”

“Might be to your benefit.”

'Fatal Vows' Quotes:

“Came in the discussions and not favourably.”

“Income he was never going to make.”

“Please control his wife.”

“Ugly tactic.”

“Not anything to him.”

“Coming off a carrier command.”

“They hold grudges.”

“Didn't know how to work the backrooms.”

“Quit showing up for most of our family things.”

“Starts to shop. A lot.”

“Came in boxes she wasn't allowed to open.”

“Lavished gifts on a young waitress.”

“Has amounted to this.”

“Give to some bimbo.”

“What she was owed.”

“That sense of place.”

“Honour and status mean everything.”

“His own character and decisons played into his outcome in life.”

“Happy with the way my life went.”

“Dull, bitter, mean and now broke.”

'The Simpsons' Quote:

“The bathroom scale is lying again!”

'For Real' Quote:

“I know if I find the right woman, I'm definitely moving out of my parents basement.”

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