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Book Review: Concrete Surfer, part 1

This is a story orginally published in 'Jinty' from January to June in 1978. Jean's family failed in Australia. Now Jean has to live with snobby relatives in the UK. They're horrible like. Jean skateboards and there is 70s interior design, clothes and pop culture references.

Jean's cousin Carol is a snot. Carol fakes being angelic while Carol is down to earth, hard and all kitchen sink drama. Why don't Jean's relatives tell her where her new school is? Why is Carol attending a comprehensive? Why does a male teacher stalk Jean? Why are teachers such jerks? This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Mum with her car, Dad with his car. And when you grow up, they'll buy you a little mini, won't they?”

“Anyone would think roses grew on her.”

“You're Britian's answer to Nadia Comaneci, right??”

“I'm sick of kandaroos.”

“I heard that lot at the comprehensive were pretty dumb, but this beats everything!”

“It's not all speed and boys' stuff.”

“She's got a nasty look in her eye.”

“Perhaps I've been imaging all those horrible things about Carol.”

“When I think of poor mum, and how she has to wash dishes in an all night cafe til her hands are raw – so she and Dad can get back from Australia...it makes me want to cry.”

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