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Line Of Duty 6x04 + The Blacklist 8x10 Reviewed 👎👎🌹🎃🍛

Line Of Duty 6x04

Murder is contrived. Jo is bent. Ryan is psycho. Ted is grimly jovial. Did Ryan kill Gail Vella? Steve's chronic pain problem is oddly not brought up after he is in a van crash/shootout. Kate is an uppity smug bitch. Was Ryan groomed by an OCG or is he a loon? Someone points out that Hastings been after the OCG for nearly a decade. Ted is told to retire. Why does the OCG want Ryan on Jo's team? What was told to Steve by the doomed convict? How did the OCG know to ambush the prison van? Who is so powerful in the OCG that there is no protection from them? Nobody sees Ryan menacing Jo with a gun?!? Kate fails to notice how bent Jo is. Who is Jo related to? This was contrived.

Best Line:

“Decision dodger.”

Dr Laken Perillos

I am so sick of James Spader. Laverne Cox plays the baddie du jour. Where is Megan Boone? What is the archive? Cox can act and was the only redeeming feature of this dreck.

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