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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Too Close' promo

This ITV drama looks interesting.

'Mortuary' trailer


'Sweet Sixteen' trailer

“Some kind of psychotic.

Phish food – nice.

My ex = sad, regrettable and frankly disappointed. He's a thundering bollix. One feels regretful and bitter. People choose to ignore.

I want a voile top and orange and bergamoth bath gel.

What are smoked butter potatoes?

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Another husband of a great woman.”

“Often thankless role.”

“Grumpy old curmudgeon.”

“Heir to the throne of an empire that still spanned the world.”

“Never concealed a sense of grievance.”

“To consider whether the duke's lifetime of service made him happy.”

“Led a sad and dissolute life.”

“Religious delusions.”

“Profoundly divided family.”

“Fall out of favour.”

“Compelled to converse and interact.”

“Open invitation to every great house in the country.”

“Allegations of his critics.”

“Only a very small pool of credible partners for her,”

“Boasted few personal possessions or even clothes.”

“Characteristic cruelty.”

“Delighted in heaping snubs on him.”

“Airs his opinions too much.”

“Perpetual public subordination.”

“Proprietorial attiude.”

“Those he branded as knaves.”

“Confronting unwelcome realities.”

“Bored stare.”

“Barely concealed resentment.”

“Some terrible men.”

“Easily riled.”

“Required to eat a sea slug for dinner.”

“Beyond gloomy.”

“Thoughtless insult.”

“Negated a lot of hard work.”

“Tedious affliction.”

“Ominiously, and urgently.”

“Festering rift.”

“Utter joylessness.”

“Rage against the world.”

“Leg-crossing, underwear-shunning serial killer.”


“Each man is the other's villain.”

“Purposeful endeavour.”

“His media minders devoted most of their energies to keeping him away from microphones.”


“Engagingly eccentric presenter of train-based travel shows.”

“Underestimated her ire.”

“When not in disfavour.”

“Near pathological aversion to children and domesticity.”

“Lonely misery.”

“Treacherously connived.”

“Cause of her dejection.”

“Nasty and vacuous,”

“Strangers create mystery and danger.”

“Men's Violence Ward.”

“Far grottier.”

“Selfish attiude.”

“How little they care for public opinion.”

“Loud belligerence.”

“Snootily dismissed.”

“Conciliatory gesture.”

“Confering chumminess.”

“Tabloids' long tradition of casting Labour leaders as loony lefties.”

“Desperation and misery.”

“Meticulously selected.”

“Insular and odd.”

“Nap dresses.”

“Harsh stare.”

“The very real consequences.”

“Terrible damage to his public reputation.”

“Reputation as being a bully and an obsessive.”

“Issues an apology that will almost certainly never be forthcoming.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Personal conduct.”

“Got thrown out of the military.”

“Family man persona.”

“A dealer moved into his apartment.”

“Created a perception.”

“Reputational risk.”



“Bitey big things.”

“Seeking revenge with a crossbow.”

'A Wilderness Of Error' Quotes:

“Gone beyond repair.”

“In disgrace.”

“Trade off he chose not to make.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Not pass the pub test.”

“Hiding in bushes.”

“Apportionment of blame.”

“They didn't listen to me and they didn't help me.”

“My very hold on happiness.”

“Cultural death knells.”

“Openly or tactily encourage people to hate you,”

'Business Post Magazine' Quotes:

“Intentionally anodyne.”

“Impact of conflict at home.”

“Doomed to silent misery.”

“Completely changes the direction your life takes.”

“Less confronting.”

“Unavoidable confrontaiton on the rotten indecencies of life.”

“Horrible possibilities.”

“Her experience would be denied or muted.”

“Encouraged to wear specific clothes for photoshoots,”


“Disappearing into obscurity.”

“Strangely beguiling.”

“Chronically underrated.”

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