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Movie Review: The Stepford Wives (1975)

Forget the hideous remake and watch this film and learn what being the last feisty wife in Stepford really means. You just have to overlook the horror of 70's fashion and interior design to do so.
Joanna (Katharine Ross of 'Donnie Darko') moves to Stepford with her husband, two kids and dog. She finds the change from New York hard more so when Walter joins the creepy and overly entitled Stepford Men's Association. Joanna soon notices that something strange is happening in town and it involves mysterious ambulances, the badly dressed wives and their love of easy on spray and bizarre overnight personality changes. What is the connection to the Men's Association and their malevolent will?

Joanna snoops around with the help of the loud, brash Bobby (Paula Prentiss). When their friend Charmaine (Tina Louise) changes overnight and starts dressing like Polly Pocket and letting her smirking husband bulldoze her beloved tennis court, Joanna and Bobby just know there's something rotten in this borough. Why do seemingly all the Stepford women love to cook and clean? Why do they all have brownies and dust cloths where brains used to be?

Joanna and Bobby try to set up a Conscious Raising Group in town which fails miserably. Then they have the water tested. Then Bobby changes and Joanna is the last feisty wife in town. Her horrible husband sets her up and Joanne comes face to face with what is going on. The film ends on a truly creepy scene of placid serene Stepford wives gliding around a supermarket. Never have a group of floral clad women with shopping trolleys looked so ominous.

This was good. But what do the men do with all the bodies? Do the new wives age? Will the husbands fake their new wives deaths in time too? How can the wives eat and drink? This film spawned a number of made for tv sequels, most memorable was the campy 'The Stepford Children'.
Best Lines:
"Ex-Gothamite living in Ajax country."

"There are no women's clubs here."
"There was."

"There'll be somebody with my name and she'll cook and clean like crazy. But she won't take pictures and she won't be me."
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