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Movie Review: Sixty Six (2006)

There are big implications when a Jewish boy's big day clashes with the 1966 world cup final. This was ridiculous and fatuous and simply wrong. This was not coherent, just disastrous. This was a not very remarkable tale of a big family in which the youngest son is ignored and constantly overlooked and shoved aside.

This was a true-ish story that was horrendous beyond belief. The father and his brother are greengrocers who have to learnt to cope with changing social and economic times. The father can't cope and has issues. It is a time of strife. The son is disregarded and the father is detached from reality.

The son's big day is set for July 30th aka world cup final day. Stephen Rea shows up in this. The father isolates himself from anything that challenges him. Mockery is tempting. This was pointless. Nobody's conscience is shocked by anything. People bow out of the boy's big day to watch the world cup final. This merits no response, no introspection or self-examination. There is a new level of weirdness in this film. There is no compassion or empathy. The son has a terrible realisation that people don't care for him.

Catherine Tate shows up. The father walks out. The uncle falls off a ladder. There is sap and sad music. The father walks off walking out. The son legs it. There are gender-based expectations. There is a crucial reckoning. There are fraught times and archaic notions and fear conditioning. The son is not triumphant and doesn't master the challenges. There is no societal openess. Just harmful practices and behaviour that hurts. There are societal expectations.

There is no social acceptance. The son doesn't like who he is. Decisions do not go down well. This was not creative. Nobody is kind or senitive. The son is desperately unhappy. There are narrow confines. The ending is ridiculous. Eddie Marsan, Helena Bonham Carter and Peter Serafinowicz star. This was dull and repetitive.

Best Lines:

“Don't get picked in life.”

“He's got polio.”

“Too afraid to change. Anything.”

“You? Tried?”

“Cannot kneel before other men.”

“I'm not important to anyone.”

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