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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Girl In The Window' trailer

A crazy woman gets involved in a mystery. No.

'Anne Boleyn' teaser


'Batman: The Long Halloween Part 1' teaser


Best Line:

“Only room for 1 homicidal maniac in this town.”

'Intergalactic' promo


'The Titan' promo


'Those Who Wish Me Dead' trailer

Smokejumpers, Angelina Jolie, Jake Weber, Jon Berthal, Aiden Gillen and guns and an annoying kid and fire.

Listened to eps 8&9 of 'The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward' – it's getting contrived now.

I thought I had my ex's unwavering support. I've discontent. People are unpleasant and unkind. My ex – uncaring, callous and cold. What caused such a displacement of affection?

'The Fall And Rise Of Reginald Perrin' Quotes:

“Rather fun being at your own memorial service.”

“Footwear in question.”

“Ritually slaughtered by the maniacal cowman.”

“Backroom boys.”

“Like shaking hands with a warm mullet.”

“Nosh, nosh, gargle, gargle.”

“Experimental German mime play.”

“Great lowlands.”

“English countryside: the sun burning, broken bottles in the hedges...bellies of poisoned fish...war department, keep out.”

“Restless walking.”

“Gotta go home and learn my grunts.”

“Boringly strict.”

“Bottle of fig wine.”

'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“What country is Mexico in?”

“Failed identity.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“At the back of the global queue.”

“Only breeding colony.”

“Stick it up your junta.”

“Sporadic localised disquiet.”

“Won't haves.”

“Can't haves.”

“Allowing the virus to spread in the first place.”

“Many, many counties didn't listen to that call.”

“Lasting impact.”

“More deadly than sharks.”

“End in violence.”

“Fleeing the tar sands.”

'JAG' Quote:

“In local garb.”

'Teens Titans Go!' Quotes:

“When did crime fighting become so dark and grim?”

“A time when it was acceptable to wear my short shorts.”

“The outcome of which will determine the survival of the human race.”

“Superhero Elvis.”

“Where is the violent alien menace?”

“Your prideful boasting fills me with the hate!”

“Get off my planet!”

“Thwarted once again.”

“So grim and serious.”

“So the sad.”

“Yous give me the power of thinking?”

“Thank you flying child man.”

'The Other Boleyn Girl' Quotes:

“We are hiding in our palaces where the people can't get to us.”

“Whispering appalling suggestions in my ear.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“I didn't know this road at all, and thought I'd never want to live here.”



“Could invite public criticism.”

“Written a will excluding her.”

“Les Fleurs du Mal.”

“Compared unfavourably.”

“Immersing himself in the streets.”

“Less friendly to barricade construciton.”

“Lasting notoriety.”

“Developed a fondness for alchol, expensive clothes and prostitutes.”

“Cure his dissolute habits.”

“Things he considered beautiful.”

“Typically shrill statement.”

“Perceived malfeasance.”

“Typically milquetoast.”

“Switched his allegiance.”

“Within reach of a ranking qualification quota.”

“Nefarious organisation.”

“Social tensions.”

“Ancestral unease.”

“Who is believed and who is not.”

“So-called respectable members of their community.”

“Conflict of fact.”

“Who is believed by “respectable” society. And who is not.”

“Widely expected to succeed him.”

“Mutation areas.”

“Failed so spectacularly.”

“Deployed police and military (yes, military).”

“Shared sacrifice.”

“Considered unmentionable and slightly shameful.”

“Quite sinister.”

“Deliberately excluded.”

“Insidious removal.”


“Performative outrage.”

“Structural order of advantage and privilege.”

“Without any means of letting the outside world know of their plight.”

“Delinquent faction.”

“Unearth unflattering secrets.”


“Moral purity.”

“Cultural output.”

“Exist only to act as moral guidance.”

“Exacted unending misery.”


“The missed Great Opportunity.”

“A series of missed opportunities, embracing problematic traditionalists.”

“Archaic reliance on paper throughout the system, which shocks healthcare workers with experience working abroad.”

“Registered in a recognisable format in a searchable database.”

“Battle of will and wits.”

“Enormous missed opportunity brought about by narrow-mindedness.”

“An incident seen as deliberate snub.”

“To be treated with the required protocol.”

'Law & Order' Quote:

“Emotional penance.”

'Fatal Vows' Quotes:

“Deferred to him, his needs, his wants, his rules.”

“Will never go free again.”

“Social support.”

“Made painfully public.”

“Everything is in dispute.”

“Your husband's been hanging out on my street, what's up with that?”

“Narcissistic injury...narcissistic collapse.”

“Escalating obsessive behaviour.”

“Something's going on at grandma's house: something bad.”

'DS9' Quotes:

“The Defiant has opened fire on us.”


“She loved you.”

“I could never figure out why.”

'Girls' Quote:

“You're my main hang.”

'Framed By The Killer' Quotes:

“Unthinkable tragedy.”

“Dark theory.”

“Turn off a jury.”

“Character attacks.”

“Shoe bandit.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Justice response.”

“Sunlit uplands.”

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