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Movie Reviews: Coded Bias + The Michelangelo Code

Coded Bias (2020)

This documentary about algorithms is a tale of disregard and unnecessary cynicism. People are unsparing and there is deep unease at maths and corrupt practices. Anger is whipped up by maddening types in this irretrievably shallow types. This was all superficiality and frivolous. AI is sexist and racist. There are public and bitter rifts with big tech.

There are mroal and ethical worries and '1984' is read from. There are vague comments and people rejecting assertions and teachers whining about being fired. Elitist mindsets are sneered at. Injustices are declared Big tech has blatant disregard.

Best Lines:

“Big Brother watch.”

“Viscerally horrible.”

“Decide what we deserve.”

“Ranting about Hitler.”

“Drew false conclusions.”

“Expect to be discredited.”

The Michelangelo Code (2008)

This looks like a bad youtube video. The maker rants about Waco and the Sistine Chapel and various other things. It's like listening to a lunatic rant on the street. This was crazed incoherent rambling.

Best Lines:

“The lamenting prophet.”

“Prophet age.”

“For a pope he was uniquely battle hungry.”

“Calamitious set of events.”

“4 popes later.”

“Locked up in a mental home.”

"Unstoppable conclusion."

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