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Future State: Teen Titans Issue 1

Why is Dick estranged from the Teen Titans? This is kinda incoherent. WTF is Red X? This is the destiny of the DC universe? This was okay.

Best Lines:

“A Robin who outgrew the tights.”

“I do miss those.”

“Meet me the flight simulator aftyer lights out......and bring the mask.”

“Reckless is what got me out of Gotham in one piece before The Fall.”

Power Rangers Issue 3

Jason and his gang fight space vampires in zero g. Drakkon plots. This was mmmm. This was frankly bewildeirng. Jason and co castigate Drakkon. One is rigid with distaste for Jason who views himself with unheralded devotion.

Best Lines:

Must be others out in the vastness of space.”

“Gonna have our souls drained out like soft serve!”

“They certainly weren't going to try and save me.”

Power Rangers Issue 5

Astronema, Princess Of evil shows up as do the SPD. Zordon has placed a bounty on the liar Jason and his gang. No.

Best Lines:

“Follow the bloodstains on the floor......they're from the last fellow I sent over.”

“There's always someone out there waiting to prey upon you.”

“You destroyed the Rangers, killed Zordon and Rita, took over an entire planet and yet you still tried to conquer...everything.”

“Have a hard time belieivng you're on the side of the righteous.”

“The Tommy I knew went through exactly what you did and he didn't turn into a bloodthirsty maniac.”


“Knife-wielding psychopath?!?”

“Oh, they really are Power Rangers.”

“Never seen those kind before though. Are they new?”

“And shouldn't there be more?”

“Cast long shadows of pain and chaos.”

“Anybody can become the monster in someone else's story.”

Dceased Dead Planet Issue 7

There is seemingly nothing left to fight for. An army of Amazos attack. Isn't Superman eating the sun? Has everyone forgotten that? The anti-living are cured. Jonathan Kent gets to live. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“You are supposed to walk forever in limbo.”

“It takes a hero to say no to people in power when they're wrong.”

“You must be a Robin.”

“Do you have any idea of the eternity of torment waiting for you in hell?”

“I have some inkling, yeah.”

“The demons you've angered. The pain you will endure, the never-ending nightmare that will---”

“Oh, shut up.”


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