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Book Reviews: The Apparition Phase + The Witches Of Echo Park 👻👻👻👻👻👻👻

The Apparition Phase by Will Maclean

In 1970s Britian, twins Tim and Abi are obsessed with the macabre and unexplained. They decide to enliven their safe and boring childhood and upset the relentless good taste of their parents by faking a ghost photo. This act unwittingly sets in motion a chain of deadly and terrifying events.

This was a good, bleak tale of lingering resentment, disturbing notions and ever graver and shocking events. There is no melancholy nostalgic air just colluders, indignant types, really bad cirumstances and tense encounters. There are fear responses, a lack of reasonableness and nefarious actions that exacerbates existing tensions. This was excellent and ruminative and it has dire implications.

The consequent results and particular locations and a damning prophecy raise troubling possibilities. Things can be unresolved. Things can go disastrously awry due to unpropitious cirumstances and grim history and mortal pain. People can be beguiled by those who are entirely dubious.

Best Lines:

“Rots under his terrible attention.”

“Unasked-for recollection.”

“Are you still living together?”

“Well, of course we are. Where would she go?”

“Toxic dreams.”

“Horrible little tenants.”

“Change the course of all our lives.”

“He would not be interested.”

“Paranormal manifestation.”

“Appears objectively foreboding in aspect, and ideally should be of considerable age.”

“Sad, squalid fate.”

“The many important things in my life he would never know anything about.”

“Lost to history, never talked of again.”

“Perhaps not as ominious-looking.”

“Malign possibility.”

“The small and terrible coincidence.”

“Something cruel and callous.”

“Delighted in misery.”

“Invite madness.”

“Pain and distress are joyful to it.”

“That word could silence a room.”


“Incomprehensible sigil,”

“A slow descent, a narrowing of horizons and potential, mixed chances and bad luck, funelling downwards, always downwards,”

“Dad said that wine was something that only old ladies and Spaniards drank, and refused to have it in the house.”

The Witches Of Echo Park: An Echo Park Coven Novel by Amber Benson

This tale of idiot losers who fancy themselves witches has a contrived narrative structure. There is abuse, evil and untruth. The plot and purpose was vague. One feels incredulity at how bad this is. This was not compulsvie storytelling. This was quite unremarkable. This squnaders any interest. This was a wanton and purposeless nonevent.

Best Lines:

“Be the last to stand when all the others had fallen.”

“Portent-beating dreams.”

“Servant in her own home.”

“One had to be vigilant in this house.”

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