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Book Review: The Red Wolf Conspiracy

The Red Wolf Conspiracy: The Chathrand Voyage Book One by Robert V.S. Redick
This is a dense, epic adventure tale. The Chathrand is a legendary 600 year old ship and it is being sent on a mission of peace. But the perilous voyage turns out to have nothing to do with peace. This is the story of a famous ship and those who sail on it for good or ill.

Pazel is a lowly deckhand blessed with a magical gift, Nilus Rose is the captain with an infamous reputation, Tasha is an unwilling war bride, Sandor Ott is a spymaster with his own long game, Syrarys is the concubine of Tasha's father and she has murder in her heart. These people and many, many others travel on what may well be the famous ship's last voyage.
It is a tale of politics, war, conspiracy, false prophecy and magic that will change everyone and everything aboard this most famous of ships. This was very good, it has rich characters, foreshadowing, endless plots and a dark conspiracy. I look forward to book two 'The Rats and the Ruling Sea'
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