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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Nevers' promo


'Mainstream' trailer

Social media wannabes. Mmmmm.

'Girls5Eva' trailer

A one hit wonder girlgroup from 99 get another chance at fame. They had a choice video back in the day. Ha!

Best Line:

“Tried out for the 'Housewives' like 8 times.”

'Jupiter's Legacy' trailer


'Star Trek: Lower Decks' season 2 promo


'Star Trek: Discovery' season 4 promo

They've changed the uniforms again?!?!?

'Star Trek: Picard' season 2 promo

They made more of this joyless mess? Q?!? I'm there!

'Bisto' ad

Is Trevor ever getting up? This 1984 ad is for nasty looking gravy.

'Fred There's No Bread' ad

A spar ad.

'Smiths Crisps' ad

The spuds want to be crisps in this 1984 ad.

Chocolate salami – nice.

People are reliably awful. Where is the apology? The contrition? Or any sense of shame? There is pain and loss and the bitterness of being unwanted. People won't be pleasant. People have no commiseration. I am not willing to forgive and overlook indifference and cruel behaviour and vindictiveness. People have no wrenching remorse. Some people could not have been less supportive. They had grevious indifference. People have duplicity but no uneasy conscience.

'The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward' Quote:

“Like minded lunatics.”

'SG1' Quote:

“Alternate, alternate reality?”

'Star Trek: Enterprise' Quote:

“Quantum scans.”

'Channel 4 News' Quote:

“Much dark dynamics.”

'The Day The Dinosaurs' Quotes:

“Bone bed.”

“The last that ever lived.”

“Sudden mass death event.”

“Dramatic consequences.”

“Global devastation.”

'The Genius Of Carl Faberge' Quotes:

“Fondled her chicken.”

“Cultural and iconic value.”

'Queen Elizabeth And The Spy In The Palace' Quotes:

“More sinister side to his character.”

“Very imposing lady.”

“Traditional route of boarding school.”

“Poetry loving pals.”

“Creating greatness.”

“Ideological contagion.”

“Still a recent memory.”

“Shape the rest of his life.”

“War looting.”

“Deception plan.”

“Newly defeated.”

“Family claim.”

“A fearful story.”

“World class reputation.”

“Greatest living expert.”

“Adored even.”

“Accept correction.”

“Much enjoy it.”

“This regal lady.”

“Terrible, terrible scandals.”

“Woefully incompetently.”

“They don't want the fuss.”

“Betrayal of the nation.”

“Malevolent influence.”

“Felt little loyalty.”

'The Irish times' Quotes:

“Consent to such erasure.”

“Were outraged and said so.”

“Limited local relevance.”

“Unmet demand.”

“False narative.”

“Idyllic paradise.”

“Eat from the minute we wake up to the time we go to bed.”

“Targeted and aggressive marketing about eating and snacking.”

“Stretched the small town's tolerance.”

“Were largely forgotten.”

“Increasingly desperate pleas.”

“Growing international outrage.”

“Wanted on three continents.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Awesome vastness of space.”

“Negatively impacted.”


“Horrific experience.”

'Shooting Joe Exotic' Quotes:

“Psychotic woman.”

“Developed into overt threats.”

“Paid the price of being fiercely hated.”

“Beset by drugs and dwindling opportunities.”

“Fixate on his feuds and freewheeling attacks on perceived enemies.”

“The woman he saw as his nemesis.”

“The bones they dug up.”

“Largely without supporters.”

“Sense of abandonment.”

“Cultural phenomenon.”

“Legally impossible for me to contact him.”

“She reeks deception.”

“Thrashed, very intentionally.”

“Mansoleum of Joe's dreams.”

'The Ice' Quote:

“A place found on no map, the ice never stood still long enough for one to be drawn.”

'Fatal Vows' Quotes:

“Withdraw care.”

“Pretty dastardly.”

“A terrifying threat.”

'The Times Literary Supplement' Quotes:

“However terrible his son's excesses, however searing their rows.”

“All his life, tried and failed to meet his father's expectations.”

“Took any leg-ups as a right. He was quickly addicted to high living and spending money, of which he never had enough.”

“Eerily, disturbingly absent.”

“Conflict of immense ferocity.”


“Avowed enemy.”

“Perpetually controversial.”

“A borderline gangster and not unhappy with that image.”

“Seemed to be constantly vexing critics and chroniclers who wished he would play a different repertorie, in a different manner, and with, as they saw it, a purer view of his responsibilities.”

“Slipped out of cultural memory.”

“Aggrieved sense of entitlement.”

“Became the focus of particular dislike.”

“Drew the attentions of a long line of bullies.”

“Actively hostile.”

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