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Sons of Anarchy Season 1 Ep 11 Review

Bobby's charged with murder. The nerve of TPTB arresting Bobby for a crime he actually committed! Opie is suspected of being an ATF informer, this is because Stahl is setting him up to look like a snitch. This is all part of her SOA vendetta. Clay and Tig plot to murder Opie. Donna chooses life with Opie and the SOA and Opie is now SOA for life. This cannot end well.
As Stahl is a jerk, Wendy returns to Charming. She's sober and bonds with Abel. Gemma decides to reunite Jax and Wendy. This was okay. It had a good scene when Opie's unloving mother revealed that she took her son and left Charming only for Opie to runaway back to his dad and the SOA. So she's given up on him. Poor Opie.
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