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Battlestar Galactica 1x07&1x08 Reviewed

The Long Patrol

Apollo is now father to the horrible brat Boxey. TPTB have no sense of scale. Starbuck is annoying. The acting is bad and Starbuck is a man-slut. This was sexist and People do bad 'Orish' accents. Oh FFS. The cylons show up. Starbuck is stranded via his own idiocy on a slave colony. Starbuck obsesses over alcohol.

Best Lines:

“Old home galaxy.”

“Death stone.”

The Gun On Ice Planet Zero

The cylons have a BFG. There is a prison ship. Stupid cold masks are worn. Boxey is the tagalong kid. Oh FFS. A guy wears a flat cap on an ice planet. This was bad.

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