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Movie Reviews: Not A Game + Tina 👎👎

Not A Game (2020)

A documentary about the fraught, complex relationship with video games. Discussions rage on. There is an absence of any benefit to this. We see footage of parents and their children getting aggressive over gaming. This is becoming more normal.

People get adversarial and tensions and anger rise. Is there excessive panic over video games? Or is it just a furore? People have a reasonable insistence on safety. Are there major implications? People are laudatory of video games, other people are cynical.

This leaves one very unimpressed. Video games are a contentious issue which may have deleterious effects. Some are negatively affected. Some have self importance. A man makes a living from playing games. Are there significant consequences to playing video games?

One feel incredulity and confusion at how boring this is. People have righteousness. This was not gripping and it is insufficiently committed. This was absurd and superficial. People try to impose normality on madness. This was boring and dimly lit and irritating. This was not intellectually enriching. This was baloney and mindless tedium. This was not pleasing. This was not poignant and it is ailing.

People talk about loot boxes. People are lamenting video games. Is there cause for concern? This does not inspire confidence.

Best Lines:

“Digital transition.”

“Moral panic.”

“Didn't know what we were heading into.”

“How much is enough?”

“Space combat video game.”

“Early Sega days.”

“Team Liquid!”

“Where nothing good happens.”

“Crazy incidents.”

“Low cost way to keep the peace.”

Tina (2021)

A biography. Ike is talked about a lot, he was a moral vaccum with self regard. Tina talks about her rock and roll dresses. We see footage of Tina owning the stage. People talk about the Ikette thing. Tina's comeback is covered. Kurt Loder shows up. Tina talks of her second husband. This was disappointing.

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