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Movie Reviews: Finding Jack Charlton + Thriller + Mannequin In Red + Coven Of Sisters

Find Jack Charlton (2020)

This documentary has flat caps, people talking down JC's estranged brother and vintage footage of JC playing footy and looking like a pensioner. Houses have horrible interior design and Roddy Doyle rants about Thatcher. Bertie Ahern is a talking head and there is footage of the troubles and 'Go Home Union Jack' sign.

Eamon Dunphy was the bete noir of the FAI. JC has dementia in this documentary. England won the world cup in 1966 and JC's fat son whines and JC's brother Bobby is seen in old footage. The footballers back in the day looked so old. We see JC's collected notes. Ugly jumpers were worn in the past. JC once wore a purple suit in the past. People had bad hair and Paul McGrath speaks. JC had a combover. Packie Bonner speaks. U2 are interviewed. WHY?

Alcohol was drunk by JC in huge amounts. There was discussion of McGrath's drink problem. We see old footage of JC naked. No comment. Italia 90 is covered. What became of the inflatable shamrocks? Dunphy does not like JC and vica versa. Italia 90 led to public celebrations and grown men crying. The pope met the Italia 90 team and JC is somehow credited with Mary Robinson getting elected. This tries for ambitious epic grandeur as JC holds a deep nostalgic yearnings.

JC was in a disabled anglers association. Bobby is not liked by JC's son. USA 94 is covered as well as the infamous Dublin 95 match which was full of mayhem and uproar. JC quit and his brother also got dementia. Bobby got a knighthood but not Jack. He spewed bile at the press. This was overdone solemnity. This was okay and Jack died in 2020.

Best Lines:

“Bugger that.”

“Drunks in pubs.”

“Thank god that's over.”

“Quite a famous picture.”

“Don't want to go down see the ducks.”

“I didn't like it.”

“Bunch of mercenaries playing for money.”

“Create excitment.”

“Couple of pull outs.”

“Held a grudge.”

“Liked to fight.”

“Me and him are going to be fighting.”

“Inbuilt fear.”

“Hadn't achieved anything.”

“Huge shadow to have around you.”

“Became a national hate figure.”

“Charlton style football.”

“The man was a leper.”

“Dogmatic and stick with it.”

“Given what was coming.”

“Take our place as a nation.”

“Emotionally suffering.”

“Memory defines who we are.”

“It was nasty.”

“Not saying or doing the right thing.”

“Defined my life.”


“Change wasn't something he was good at.”

“Rather shambolic end.”

Thriller (2018)

This was a Blumhouse film. There is some plausible kind of suburban sadism and wildly inappropriate behaviour by tweens. A local scapegoat is blamed for a death and arrested. It's so like a 'South Park' ep. There is wildly inappropriate behaviour. This was knowingly rubbish. There are appalling but plot driving decisions.

This was a gloomfest full of conniving insufferable jerks. There was no painful ugly tension. Psycho scum teenagers get got. This film was full of truly, hopelessly miserable types. This was phenomenally bad. They've done never a prudent thing. There is no narrative tension. Nobody's sorrowful and this was not evocative or moving. There is no soulful desolation. There are nefarious dealings, peevishness and dourness. They orchestrated amorality and face forthcoming ruin.

There was bad acting and terrible misjudgments and this was bad and stupid. This was derisory and people take no responsibility. People are hapless victims. This was all bland nothings. There is no commitment or sincerity. These are fraught times and this was slightly ridiculous. There is desperate long term dysfunction. This was not competent. Prospects are in disarray. This was wildly ineffective and irrational. Dark truths are out there and this was a seamy episode. This causes havoc.

Best Lines:

“He's never done anything to me. Why are we doing this?”

“Gonna get you.”

“Act hard.”

“Beat his ass.”

“I've heard ntohing but nasty things.”

Mannequin In Red (1958)

This Swedish subtitled movie has no sheer intensity, omplexities or nuances.

Coven Of Sisters (2021)

In 1609 – a group of women are accused of being witches. This was dubbed and full of tense emotions and bellicose speech and sneering references. This was all asinine banalities and men who think they are morally scrupulous and morally demanding. Women fearing men have a grim sense that dictates their response. Women are desperate. The men don't hide their pride at their actions. A deadly endgame unfolds.

This was totally unrealistic and full of silly headgear and nudity and idiot plotting and a bleak outlook. People are unwashed and dumb and there is a hostile atmosphere and constant uncertainity. There is quiet anguish and increasing unhappiness and a sense of alienation. This was not vastly moving. Men are deeply opposed to women.

There is a dire litany of inducements. There is a beglected town and a social movement and what happens in its wake. Women are endangered and face destruction and ruin. Under mens cultured facade are creatures of bitter prejudice. There are detestable and low sorts and utterly ignorant men. Women live sorrowfully and there is no regret in this maelstrom. People are unsullied by empathy and this was not a raging success.

There is no consideratness. There are fearful events and disquiet and lives are unravelling. This keeps its foot on the doom pedal. Men have unflinching dark hearts and are shrill and hysteircal. There is near insabity and this was rather dour. Men are exhuberant. Things are soon ailing and desperately sad. This as weird and upsetting and anger stews. The ending is odd.

Best Lines:

“Dark secrets.”

“Haven't seen a man for leagues.”

“I know not.”

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