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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'WeWork' trailer

A hippie messianic leader loses 47 million in 6 weeks and became a laughing stock. People have sour responses to him.

'Hell In The Heartland' trailer

A 1999 crime casts a long shadow.

Best Line:

“This place is a breeding ground for murder.”

'Suicide Squad' trailer

What's the cat thing? Viola Davis is in this. King Shark, Harley Quinn, Rick Flagg, The Thinker, Idris Elba and Starro feature. Maybe. Starro!

Best Lines:

“Wears a toilet seat on his head.”

“Mental defect dressed as a court jester.”

“We're all going to die.”

“I hope so.”

'Lifechanger' was crap.

After Dinner Mints – chalky.

Gluten free brioche with raspberry jam – okay.

People need to confess their faults. I feel resentful. There are disappointed expectations and mordant clarity. Why are people so ardantly opposed to being nice?

What is bistro grunge?

I'd try chocolate and chicory fondant with plum kernel cream. I'd try rum caramel.


Saw a repeat of 'Zomboat' and realised that George Kiss on 'Hollyoaks' was a zombie chasing the canal boat in said comedy-horror. Callum Kerr didn't have any lines other than being bloody and making zombie noises. He played Jude and it was not mountingly tense.

I want a faberge egg candle.

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Early critical triumph.”

“Mummy says you've forbidden.”

“Full of creaks, shadows and secrets.”

“Dark history.”

“Strange history.”

“Dangerous walls.”

“Creepy corridors.”

“Sleep in a building site.”

“Take solace.”

“Utter imbeciles.”

“Vividness of childhood memories.”

“Resentment seemed to lurk.”

“With terrible consequnces.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Full of bad memories.”

“Losing the person I could have been.”

'Young Rock' quotes:

“That's some commitment.”

“Distracting me with dolphin coupons.”

“The dolphin they enrolled in classes as a publicity stunt.”

“Upper body violence.”

'Father Ted' Quotes:



'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“He laughed derisively.”

“Will have little sympathy.”

“Mournful look.”

“Suddenly had social workers interviewing us.”

“Never forgave them for that.”

“Ideologically opposed.”

“Amazing amount of anger.”

“Notoriously troubled.”

“Jaw droppingly shocking.”

“Strangely affectless.”

“Emotionally engaged.”

“Risk alienating public sympathy with such an explosive disclosure takes breathtaking commitment to candour.”

“Incurring others scepticism.”

“Accomplished liar.”

“Unpleasant necessity.”

“If someone is righteous, they can do no wrong.”

“Each side hates the other with no quarter given or desired.”

“Repetitive fights.”

“Boo! Evil!”

“Immediate and urgent problems.”

“Reparational justice.”

“Memorials only to themselves.”

“Silence is almost a religion.”

“Do not need the anguish.”

“Felt they were lectured to.”

“Insidious onset.”

“Resignation syndrome.”

“Fear associated with returning there.”

“Inevitable accusations.”

“Dire situation.”

“Fatalistic anguish.”

“Inevitable need to apportion blame.”

“Cultural specificity.”

“Engage with their surroundings.”

“Restoration of hope.”

“Nasty persistence.”

“Seig heils in the common room.”

“Unbending in her commitment.”

“The countryside was not somewhere for people like them,”

“Want everything to remain as it was in 1858.”

“Defiantly transgressive.”

“Unlearnable talent.”

“Met with animosity.”


“Sufficiently angered.”

“Bear the brunt of her ire.”

“For olds.”

“Trauma literature-”

“Succeeded magnificently.”

“Viewer trust in the believability of the world in which the show takes place.”

“Convoluted backstory.”

“Villainous cadre.”

“Pointless truculent.”

“Contentious discussion.”

“Ability of humans to ruin what they have.”

“A foul paper.”

“Barely fathomable.”

“Sinisterly pointing paw.”

“Believed herself socially superior.”

“Defiant reserve.”


“Joyously un-boring.”

“Horrific last days.”

“Hovering threat.”

“Every anecdote ends in humilation, exclusion or failure.”

“No one has asked me anything or spoken to me, or even acknowledged my existence really,”

“Necromancy and ancient malignant beings.”

“Risks mutating to an extent where our vaccines and treatments no longer work.”


“Terrified for their reputations.”

“Pervasive culture of entitlement.”

“Laughed at him. Loudly.”

“Should we reject an entire technology out of hand?”

“Most archaic of things-”

“Cool-kid circuit.

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Treat aisle.”


“No legal competence.”

“Subject of endless mockery about his tendency to spend up to 45 minutes answering one question,”

'Business Post Magazine' Quotes:

“Once the chief concern of patriotic noblemen.”

“Refusing to get out of my life.”

“Who had traditionally and unfairly been portrayed as this “mad bitch” by the tabloids.”

“Archly gothic.”

“Prohibted certain behaviour.”

“Moral questions.”

“Cannot be blamed for a past beyond your reach.”

“Deference addiction.”

“Willingness to ignore inconvenient truths.”

“Constructed artifice of control.”

“Preparing his insular characters for a future that despite all their talk, they cannot begin to imagine.”

'Law & Order' Quotes:

“Something of an illict nature.”

“Accomplice liability.”

“Put a murder in motion.”

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