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Battlestar Galactica 1x02&1x03+Elizabeth R 1x06+The Irregulars (2021) 1x01+Alias Grace 1x01 + 1 more

Saga Of A Star World

Starbuck is an ass. Why did Baltar ally with the human hating Cylons? Some ancient astronaut crap is uttered. Food is contaminated. People shrug off the genocide of the 12 Colonies. This was infantile, mindless drivel. Boxey is frightful. This is increasingly repellent. Gibberish is spoken. Space clothes are worn.

There is no perpetual unease or multitudinous threats. There's a robot dog FFS! Adama has a daughter. Why is this show so brown? This was a calamity. Nothing is utterly urgent. Nobody thinks of the worlds left strewn with corpses. There is bad acting and a resort planet. This was totally vacant. There is exposition about the Cylons. This was particularly nasty. This was foul and vile. This was dull and facetious.

Idiots are idiotic. Adama emotes. The resort planet turns out to be full of cannibals. Cloaks are worn. Boxey is dumb.

Best Lines:

“Too few of us left.”

“It isn't looking good.”

“Renaissance days of Caprica.”

“Do you ever take that smouldering weed out of your mouth?”

“Some home, a piece of metal in the middle of nowhere.”

“You do so with my utter contempt.”

Sweet England's Pride

Did Elizabeth I brood over executing Mary due not only to what befell her mother but feeling responsible for James I growing up with no mother? Court is a bleak sort of place. Elizabeth rants about money and war. Robert Cecil lurks. Elizabeth is caked in make up. Dudley's dead and people are bulky. Essex (Robin Ellis) wants glory and rants about his rights. His hair is huge.

Raleigh (Nicholas Selby) lurks. The raving launatic Essex and his ghastly family plot and mock their queen. Lady Rich is seen. Essex thinks he is a hero and should be accordingly beloved and rants about being ignored. Essex wraps himself in a blanket in one scene and whines that he is poor. Where is Sussex? People intrigue. Essex wants total power. There is no sight or mention of Arbella Stuart. Pantaloons are worn, they look silly.

Where are the jewels? A stuffed swan is seen on a table. William Cecil is ill. There is a rising in Ireland. Essex assumes too much and he has pride and thinks he is popular. Raleigh looks like he is wearing wallpaper. A history of Henry IV is dedicated to Essex. Elizabeth asks for a pen in Tudor times, wouldn't she ask for a quill? Elizabeth seems to be wearing a christmas cake house topper on her head. Irish is spoken. There are 'Irish' accents and a harp is played and the harpist sings, badly.

Crossbows are used. Essex fails in Ireland and is rained on. Essex is always 'sick'. Fake beards are worn. Essex bursts in on Elizabeth when she is wigless and undressed. Essex's supporters were later involved in the gunpowder plot. Elizabeth tantrums. The mob has no faith in Essex, who has a breakdown in the Tower. Essex is forsaken and soon dead. Elizabeth makes a big speech and dies.

Essex was a meddler. Who did Elizabeth really want as her successor? Southhampton (Peter Egan) ends up in the tower but he would be released by James I. Someone is credited as Irish peasant. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Imperilled the kingdom.”

“No more wars.”

“No more toys of war.”

“Further trouble in Ireland.”

“Achieved nothing.”

“Serve no course but yours.”

“Tricked into vain wars.”

“Write how they defame me.”

“Greatly wronged.”

“Scion of a Welsh butler.”

“Totally restored to favour.”

“Raise up the men of the fleet!”

“Those who win are not called traitors.”

“Poor man with rich tastes.”

“Poor man with rich ideas.”

“Seen bigger men than you go down.”

“Be careful how they come?”

“Your majesty can command much but not that.”

“An age was over.”

“Never whisper he's a friend of mine.”

“You ask frightening questions.”

“Not mocked without cost!”

“I give nothing.”

“Whoever goes is lost.”

“Known reputation.”

“Chain yourself to his destiny.”

“No more gay abandon.”

“Make a killing ground and lead us to it.”

“Ireland's rather dull.”

“Never had a child and never will.”

“This book is treason.”

“All writers are thieves.”

“Lady tart.”

“Prophets of her fornication.”

“Buried many reputaitons.”

“If I could chose it; it would be other.”

“Took. He always takes.”

“Rain. God's gift to Ireland.”

“You achieve nothing!”

“We could take England.”

“Stand up and give the call.”

“Who pardons me?”

“Must see she does me wrong.”

“No man with you.”


“Their kind of peace.”

“Some devilment.”

“You hear strange tales.”

“Yourself, the other place.”

“See you learn Irish manners.”

“That man would ruin us all.”

“The mention of his name is a sentence of death.”

“The mob brays his name.”

“Some gross intrigue.”

Without any status.”

“Sold the succession.”

“Rode in triumph.”

“He must be contained for his own good.”

“City at his feet.”

“Who is for me?”

“Provoke him to raise the city.”

“He is always ill when he is out of favour.”

“Them that bear it.”

“Greedy scraping grasper.”

“The horsemen are ready...ride on her last breath.”

“Fashions change.”

“Waiting for the knock on the door.”

“Tried to raise the city but no one would answer his call.”

“His own kin must arrest him.”

“The focus of starving discontented beggers!”

“It is not mercy to keep mad dogs in kennels!”

“Young fool with a fondness for the theatre.”

“Unclean acts.”

“Nourished proud men.”

“No more hollow heroes.”

“Not my father's time.”

“Content the people.”

“The word must is not used to princes.”

“The malice in that man is constant!”

Chapter One: An Unkindness In London

A posh begger girl wails about a dark thing. Annoying urchin kids have adventures. They're racially diverse and they don't act like homeless Victorian street urchins. They all look well fed and washed. They live near to 221B Baker Street.

There is Victorian MMA and people are wistful. There are no aspirations and no wonderment. There is a sullen cityscape, smoke stacks and rich people. Prince Leopald, the sickly son of Queen Victoria is baffled and wants to do a poverty safari. One has wonderment at how bad this is. People do ACTINGS about the workhouse. There are souring last roars and despairing glory. This was clunky and flawed and slight.

People who have begun to see beyond the limitations of a prescribed way of life rant. The urchins play at being cool. They're uncertain and face unpromising futures. They live in a claustrophobic, patriarchal society but talk and act like kids of 2021. Rich people from elsewhere lurk. There are barren streetscapes. This was horrible and deeply peculiar.

The urchins are unstoppably annoying. This tries for a sly indictment of class. A girl has dreams. A nun lurks. The sun never shines on the poor. The urchins have no charm and are ungenerous. This was ridiculous. This was frustration and nobody has empathy. This was goofy and lives go in a radically different direction.

Dr Watson pops up and is racially ambiguous. Watson calls 221B an apartment. Watson has a singular, all-possessing want. Watson claims he and Holmes run a detective agency. Watson hires the irregulars due to babies being stolen.

Everyone shouts and people do the most obvious, first-thought things. This was not great or impressive. One does not seamlessly believe in this. Nobody's egoless. They're scenery chewing showboaters. Everything is excess. Nobody is fatalistic. This was plain bad and cliche ridden and dim. This tries for foreboding and gloomy. They're furnaces of emotion. There is no tension or tragedy.

This goes into rapid decline and birds flap. There are more sorry episodes of death. There are dishonourable people and unfortunate incidents and this was largely unsuccessful. There is exposition and there are no logical results. MTV music plays and this show will have no long lasting legacy. Saucy boys prance. The urchins deserve ill repute. There is no yearning for a nostalgic past. The head urchin would be slapped for her mouthy ways in actual Victorian times.

There are societal problems. Watson and Holmes are creepy. There is no constructive dialogue. So broad are the cultural references that this becomes laughable. The urchins are odious and fervently annoying. This was a stupid weird amalgam. This was appalling. A weird man in a white suit is seen. This was a failure. There is a toxic legacy of distrust.

This was harmlessly silly rubbish that is like a parody. There is flatness and class chasms are striking and long standing. One despairs. What is up with Watson? The aliens are completely alienated. This was not indomitable and it is not camp entertainment of the silliest order. There are trenchant views and the urchins are the aggressors. Jingoistic sneering fuels determination. Urchins do not help matters by letting annoyance cloud their judgment.

People are ill fated and this was a succession of blunders. The urchins are ovelry aggressive. This was unmemorable and it was not lively or mesmerising. This was horrific and painfully inappopriate jocularity. The urchins are emboldened. This was appalling and there is adversity. There is not much to mull over in this. This was entirely unlikely and weary.

This was ineptitude. There is no introspective terrain. This was stultification. There are sudden violent interuptions. Pompus and rancid types lurk. There is unspoken unrest. This was a slog and pernicious types lurk. There is a grim presence. This was filmed in washed out shades. This was pathetically fallacious. The head urchin is determinedly committed to having bum mouthed petulance. Will she shut up? There are unfulfilled desires and no complex dynamics.

This was insufficent and it had no messy, squelchy chaos. How has Prince Leopald not received a fatal injury? Watson (Royce Piereson) broods and only Sherlock's feet are seen. This was arduous and risky.

Best Lines:

“My fondness for crockery.”

“That is all I wish for.”

“The city is a hard place.”

“Do sh*ts bigger than you!”

“Put a shirt on!”


“We are reputable men.”

“No one else loved her.”

“Don't care enough.”

“Something has come to London...darkness has entered this city.”

Under Suspicion: Uncovering The Wesphael Case (2021) 1x01&1x02

Two Days In Ostend

Was Veronique Pirotton murdered by her husband a known political figure? The accused politican blames a monstrous media. The daughter was shown hugging and kissing her father who was on trial for killing her mother. The in-laws blame him. This was subtitled. Was the case all speculative. There's a son? Did he beat and strangle his wife? This was nebulous. He whines about the hellish case, not his wife's unexplained death.

Why did she have 38 bruises? He acts like it is a burden on him. He goes on about a dark time. It was time of loss and grief. Her death doesn't seem to have had a profound impact. There was a high profile shaming, a social control alternative to the traditional justice system. There were no ethical or moral standards. Everything he says is damning and he blames his wife for provocation – for having an affair with someone named Oswlad.

This case was a PR disaster. He wants to control the narrative, he's unpleasant. He describes his wife as a drunk. People heard what may have been an attack. He says his wife was violent – did she beat herself up? He claims to have put her in a headlock. He claims to have found her with a plastic bag on her face after she 'fell' 3 times. He claims it was a suicide – one is shocked at this case.

There is such a hostile mindset toward his wife. She had an affair and did he kill her for it? His wife dying wasn't a nightmare, talking to police was. He comes across as an utter knob.

Best Line:

“Fight gone wrong.”

Behind Bars

In police custody he whines about being cold. The daughter doesn't seem to care her mother is dead. Her name is Saphia. What a piece of work she and her father seem to be. There was a precipitous decline into near-irrelevance this show is. Is he telling the truth? Why did she have so many bruises? Conversations can be dangerous and family memories can look very different depending on who is telling the story. All the husband talks about is his suffering. He's conspicously silent on his wife. There is no regret. He seems like a stony faced git. This case had complexities.

Alias Grace (2017) 1x01

Paul Gross features in this Margaret Atwood story. A doctor wants to talk to Grace a convicted murderer. This was boring and try hard.

Paul Gross “Due South” 10x8 Signed photo | #245071563

Your next box set: Due South | Television | The Guardian

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