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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Batwoman' season 2 promo

Alice, a new Batwoman, poor Ruby Rose.

'The Irregulars' promo

A rip. Supernatural goings on and wasn't this a BBC show in the 80s?

Best Line:

“Hate posh people.”

'Run' trailer

A mother is caring. Or is she? The daughter runs from Sarah Paulson.

Extra mature Drinagh cheddar – nice.

Gluen free brioche with aprioct jam – yum.

Feta dip – nice.

I'll give 'Between The Lines' a try.

My ex went cold on me. People deliberately intended to ignore me. I will not be ignored or dismissed. People had a negative impact on me. I feel snubbed, uninvited and forgotten about. No one thinks of me at all. Why did my ex do such a sudden and traumatic abandonment? I have palpable fatigue. People have cold dead eyes. Nobody has expressed concern. I thought my ex had unimpecchable integrity. Some people are fundamentally unpleasant. My ex repudiated me. People are cold and distant.

Who saw 'All The Right Moves'?

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“No business can survive that long without being terrific at what they do.”

“Scarcely glimpsed brilliance.”

“Finite capacity of worry.”

“Interloper that has taken up residence.”

“So desperate to get in the car and go anywhere.”

“Financial consent.”

“Your social media shows your character...”

“Shows our values and who we are.”

“Reprimanded or fired an employee based on content online.”

“You're just a typing teacher.”

“They bring you up to do like your daddy done.”

“Refrain from cheering or shouting.”

“Without explaining the consequences.”

“Responding to anger.”

“Doing support work on TV westerns.”

“Rage at his children and their ordinary, childish ways.”

“National significance.”

“De-identified form.”

“Lingering vestiges of family ties or loyalty.”

“Running out of bridges to burn.”

“Attempt to satisfy public outrage.”

“Enemy of the state.”

“Deserves to be more than a footnote.”

“Isolated fate.”

“Natural, overdone response.”

“Disastrous aesthetic and general air of kitsch naffness.”

“Hopes future genrations will be more forgiving in these cases. “They will have to be,”.”

“Ike Turner casts a long shadow.”

“Reality on the ground is griml”

“Reliably swagger like he's one of the Krays even though he's a genteel Pinter-endorsed actor.”


“Desperate choices.”

“Banishing verbs to the end of sentences. You've all seen Where Eagles Dare. You know the sort.”

“Yelling “Sieg Heil!” at the wireless.”

'The Irregulars' Quotes:

“Been a better friend to me than I deserve.”

'The Tudors' Quote:

“All beyond his deserving.”

'South Park' Quotes:

“Will be bleed? That's all we care about.”

“Account my peoples lives.”

'Panorama' Quotes:

“Made a serious of devastating claims.”

“Actively plotting against him.”

“Do down.”

'Murder Made Me Famous' Quote:

“Everyone from Bill Clinton to Charles Manson had something to say.”

'The Apparition Phase' Quotes:

“Looks like it intends to cause harm, and offers nothing but malevolence to anyone unlucky enough to cross its path.”

“As if she expected the universe to be consistently unkind to her, which, to be fair, it consistently was.”

“Relentlessly critical.”

“Unacquainted with foreboding of any kind.”

“The ruins of a person.”

“Certain desolate charm.”

“As if we were Malcolm Muggeridge and Germaine Greer on some late-night cultural analysis progrmame on BBC2.”

“Purposeful anger.”

“Loaded with intention.”

“Scheming emptiness.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Hidden consequences.”

“Accounts of his character flaws mounting.”

'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“I'll take names if I don't hear cheers.”

“That ladybird that scares me.”

“Mr Simpson peeing in our birdbath!”

'Death Row Stories' Quotes:

“7th on Nixon's enemies list.”

“People picketing our house.”

“Blame it on the neighbourhood idiot.”

“Evidence vault.”

“Snitch story.”

On 'Hollyoaks': JP ignores the fact that he has a job. Sally sticks her nose into JP's business. JP wakes up bloody and can't recall the fight he had. JP apologises to George again. JP is like wet lettuce. George does things calculated to obscure. George is terrifyingly accomplished at lying. Tony actually says the words: “the covid”.

JP is orange and George brings up JP slashing Dean's tent. George claims to be terrified of JP. He has derison for JP and why does JP put up with George? George claims to have outright terror of JP. Didn't JP notice that George has no struggle marks? George is awful with maximum intent. JP says George is his best mate and lifts him up and that he likes him in uniform and that George is his superhero. 🤮🤢

JP has a worse cry face than Dawson Leery. Why does JP feel lucky to have George?

Best Lines:

“Did we fight last night?”

“Did you hit me?”

“Afraid of what you're turning into.”

“Dodgy business.”

“You are my one.”


“Going downhill fast.”

“This isn't garage business.”

“That top's tighter than a dog's bollocks in the rain! Jiggle test please.”

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