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Book Review: The Divines

The Divines by Ellie Eaton

This incomprehensible, uninteresting, banal and extremely dreary book is supposed to be cool, chilling and elegant – it isn't. The author didn't dig too deeply into the logic of her own plot. Josephine is married to a tool and recalling her days at an elite boarding school full of antisocial, untameable, fantastically self-important girls. She recalls the shameful incident that caused the school to shutter its doors in disgrace. This lacks emotional power and gleeful bleakness and reflective ease. This was not readable. This was not atmospheric or stunning. Premeditated callous pranks have consequences for a spectacularly unpopular student or something. Josephine is annoying and full of petulant anger and with issues I don't care about or their lasting impact. This was a tale of the malignant and the lost.

Best Lines:

“Coveted corner sections.”

“We knew what the townies accused us of getting up to at night.”

“Gazed mysteriously upwards.”

“Post-university purge.”

“Culturally immune,”

“Ill-fated girls.”

“Hidden criticisms,”

“We're closing?”

“Worse. Merging.”

“Above punishment.”


“Wasn't that kind of mother.”

“No place in her narrative.”

“The kennelman put a bullet through the brain of my first pony – an ancient, much loved Dartmoor – and fed him to the hounds.”

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