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Battlestar Galactica (1978-1979) 1x01 + Riverdale 5x09 Reviewed

Saga Of A Star World

Overshadowed by its shrewd 2003 reboot, this is a total 'Star Wars' ripoff even the opening credits are a rip off. Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict, Lorne Green, Jane Seymour and John Colicos star. This has a very memorable theme tune.

The 12 colonies of man celebrate peace with the Cylons. Starbuck smokes. Apollo and his brother go out on patrol. The decor and clothes are so 70s. The acting and dialogue is so arch. The 12 colonies celebrate an armstice with the Cylons.

The arch traitor Baltar plots. Are the Cylons supposed to be the USSR? The Cylons do not want peace and Apollo has to leave his brother behind to die so he can warn the fleet. Adama and his XO brood. The Cylons attack the 12 Colonies.

Who is the Cylon leader? Boxey and other irritating survivors are taken to a rag tag fleet to flee the system. 220 ships form the fleet that looks for a last outpost of humanity. They seek the 13th Colony: Earth. This was okay if dated. Ed Begley, Jr and Rick Springfield feature. The voice of the Cylon leader isn't credited but is easily recognised.

Best Lines:

“Brothers of man.”

“Raise my chalice.”

“My word as a warrior.”

“Video satellite signals.”

“7th millennium of time.”

“Mother civilization.”

“A sister world far out in the universe remembered to us only through ancient writings.”

“Deep star exploration.”

“Light speed for home.”

“We haven't had water in 2 days!”

“Jettionised with the dead.”

“What awaits us out there.”

“We're the only surviving Battlestar.”

“They hate us with every fibre of their existence.”

“Alien way of existing.”

“There isn't go to be any peace.”

“How many people did we leave behind for lack of ships?”

“I have led the entire human race to ruin.”

“By your command.”

“Unknown dark and sinister threat.”

“Trusted us to protect them.”

“1st peace man has known in a thousand years.”

Chapter Eighty-Five: “Destroyer”

Kevin is hugely aggravating. Cheryl needs a kicking. Betty and Jughead and Archie and Veronica engage in boring and plainly bizarre antics. Nobody has any kind of future. Things are unlikely to have a positive outcome.

Kevin conceals difficulties and blames his mother for his crap. This was neither strange nor marvellous. Cheryl makes a holy show of herself and isn't a joke. Betty lies and her FBI ex shows up to put her in her place. This under-delivered. What a miserable existence this lot have. This was a deeply divisive time. This was horrendous and insufficient. People were angry, bitter and juvenile and disrespectful and intractable.

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