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FutureState Teen Titans2+FutureState Nightwing2+Power Rangers4+Mighty Morphin4&5+BTVS22&23 + 1 more

Future State: Teen Titans Issue 2

I haven't read issue 1 yet, for reasons. Is this what the abandoned 5G storyline was to have been? Dick's gone dark. What is the H-Dial? Who or what are the four riders of the apocalypse?

What happened? Shazam lurks. There is exposition. Cyborg and Beast Boy are merged? Who is Red X and why should I care? This was compellingly bleak even if I've no idea what's going on or why. This was not emotionally true. TPTB do active concealment of who Red X is – as if I care.

Best Lines:

“He's finally taking responsibility for what he helped unleash.”

“The League doesn't trust each other, let alone us. What's left of us.”

“Stand guard...for the rest of time.”


“Hacked the H-Dial.”

Future State: Nightwing Issue 2

I haven't read issue 1, for reasons. Who is the Magistrate who rules a dystopian future? Remember the old forgotten storyline where Tim Drake ruled a dystopian future? Nightwing leads a rebellion. Who's the new Batman? Oh who cares. Why is Nightwing hanging out in Arkham? Oracle and Batwoman and Man-Bat lurk. Who is the Robin? Tim or Damian? Which Batgirl is this and which Huntress? Why is Two-Face a good guy? What happened to Bruce? People are desperate to escape their fate. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“The only method that works for his kind ---without mercy.”

“Fascist TV network.”

“Unwritten worlds of tomorrow.”

“A laugh “that must have come from hell”.”

“The little prince and the pretender.”

Power Rangers Issue 4

The idiotic Jason, Trini and Zack see Drakkon's most private fantasy. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Run now, gloat later!”

“Never-ending existence.”

“So why'd Dark Specter barbecue Gorvinos 3?”

“Wasn't him. It was something else. Something even the Alliance Of Evil is nervous about.”

Mighty Morphin Issue 4

We get more endless boring Zordon flashbacks and the new Green Ranger uses the Dragonzord. This was stupid as the new Green Ranger and Grace are annoying. There are incoherent fights and the new Green Ranger reveals himself as Matt. Oh FFS.

Best Lines:

“Apologies for the theatricality.”

“Your opinions are of little consequence.”

Mighty Morphin Issue 5

We get flashbacks to Matt's origin. Grace makes unwarrented demands. Who asked for this? Nobody. Grace is a fascist loon. Matt can't fight but he can pose. Billy's a massive jerk. I don't want a Matt/Kim/Tommy love triangle. Lord I hate Grace and Matt and I did not like or want this.

Best Lines:

“Try to kill him back then!”

“One minute he's against them, the next he's with them. Now he's...whatever?”

“I'm driving a robot lizard the size of a building with nothing but a magic flute...”

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Issue 22

Faith and Wesley lurk. The art is ugly and who cares about the Council? People whine and I've no idea what is going on or why. This was boring.

Best Line:

“I didn't know it could be like this.”

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Issue 23

Xander whines. The art is ugly. People are fundamentally unfair. Wesley's dumb, Willow goes Dark Willow, Buffy is a bitch to Faith and Anya plots. Morgan lurks in a cloak. This was not absorbing or exquisitely paced. There is no emotional power. Xander is the single worst thing about this.

Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity Issue 7

Harley crosses a line. The Joker has faults and responsibility. Harley has grievances. The Joker strikes and Harley gets tickets to see the Black Canary band. The Joker and Harley are equally obsessed. This was good.

Best Lines:

“Something inside of me broke in a way that couldn't be fixed. Or maybe I didn't want to be fixed.”

“I set a psychopathic killer free.”

“He has a routine and it never varies.”

“But if I'm wrong – or if I do find him and I'm not the one who walks away--”

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