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Book Review: Jinty: Land Of No Tears! & The Human Zoo

This is a reprint of 2 stories from the long defunct girls comic. One is from 1977-1978 and one is from 1978-1979. As the intro states: “Back in the day Jinty sold an impressive 130,000 copies a week. That target audience never went away; it was the publishers who deserted them.”

Land Of No Tears!

Cassy is an evil cripple who is transported into a dystopian future where Perfecta a bully awaits her. There is babbling about hive mothers and red reports. Being imperfect is a crime in this future. Children are locked in cupboards as punishment for crying and Cassy is given a cold shower as punishment for being angry. Cassy is made a servant to Perfecta who she calls fancy-drawers and provokes.

This future is emotionless and Cassy can't stop instigating confrontations. Perfecta is a posh idiot. Cassy faces regrettable moments and is idiotic. This is all a formative experience for Cassy. She's tossed in with Gammas who are rejects like her. Perfecta is an Alpha. Cassy plots to win the Golden Girl award in a sporting event. But first she has to make the Gammas sporty. Somehow they survive by eating the Alpha girls leftovers.

One Gamma girl's mother looks like Bette Davis in 'Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?' - there is a reason for that. There is talk of computer tape and a mystery. This was bizarre but okay.

Best Lines:

“That girl must have escaped from an asylum or something.”

“The water from the eyes...such showing of emotion is strictly forbidden.”

“You are naturally jealous because I am superior.”

“Miss Norm.”

“Lose, reject! Lose!”

“Nasty woman! Nasty.”

“Cold, grim dormitory.”

“Even better than the Roumanian gymnasts I used to watch on telly.”

“I thought I heard the hateful sound of tears running.”

The Human Zoo

This is an animal rights tale. Various people are abducted by aliens for a human zoo. There is talk of a quartz watch. The aliens see the humans as animals. The aliens have a ruthless edge and act like this is normal behaviour. What do the captives do for the bathroom? One captive ends up in the outlands and encounters human looking aliens who are said to be the original inhabitants. The human looking aliens are hunted. Where did the human looking aliens come from? The aliens fear water. This was okay but the ending was stupid.

Best Lines:

“We've been asleep for nine months? Asleep on this floor!”

“Stop wasting your body fluid,”

“The goat has apparently abandoned Shona.”

“Silent death.”

“Feted as some sort of prophet.”

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