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The Drowning 1x02 + Who Killed Sara? (2021) 1x01

The Drowning 1x02

The mother creeps over Daniel. The father of Daniel is creepy and weird. There is mumbling about forgers. The mother has a horrible family. Tom's father wants the missing son declared dead. Various annoying bitches are in this. Tom's father denies Daniel is Tom. The acting is bad. Daniel's daddy fancies the mother. Why won't Daniel's dad let him have a guitar or talk about his mother? Daniel runs away and thinks he is Tom. This was absurd. The mother boils everyone's piss.

Best Lines:

“Why are you like this?”

“My ex husband and the woman who stole him from me.”

It Wasn't A Mistake

Alex spent 18 years in prison for killing his sister. He was framed by a rich family. We get a flashback of idiots partying on a boat to Ricky Martin. A girl died. The beardy Alex gets out. Cue buffonish mindgames. His purported priority is revenge on a family of unrepentant and inveterate liars who are secretive and toxic. He's hungry for interaction. There is a darkening outlook.

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