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Line Of Duty 6x01 Reviewed 👎

Kate has left AC12 and is now investigating a dead reporter. A massive arrest convoy is diverted. Steve wants out of AC12 and he has a beard and a pill guzzling issue. Hasting's reputation is in the toilet after series 5. DCI Joanna Davidson is under suspicion. The learning disabled Terry has been exploited and used for years by an OCG, not that anyone noticed or cared.

Is the new AC12 cooper Chloe the daughter of Gates from series 1? Joanna obsesses over Terry's infamous fridge. Kate's cold and bitchy. Hastings broods. Joanna has a deranged ex who informed on her. The acting is bad and this was boring. Joanna has Fort Knox levels of security in her flat. What is a covert human intelligence source?

Best Lines:

“Suspect answered nice lady.”

“Clean. Extremely clean.”

“You'd do well to spot a pipe band in there.”

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