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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The College Admissions Scandal' trailer

“What people will say on the phone.”

'Superman & Lois' 1x05 promo


Black chocolate with extra virgin olive oil & sea salt – yum.

Apple juice – nice.

Relationships fractured beyond repair and there is no gladness or gratitude. One is exhausted and overwhelmed. People wilfully ignore. I feel aggrieved. People are not benevolent. The devastating results of learning what people are like when personal tragedy hits. People have closed existences and one bemoans it. Screw people and their feckless brazen nasty attiudes and malicious intentions.

What are Kentucky burgers? Or salted honey cake?

Poor mountain hares.

'Elizabeth R' Quotes:

“A plague upon your honour!”

“Bully my honest citizens.”

“More lying tales.”

“That orange grower.”

“You are always wrong.”

“Spawn of an infamous courtesan!”

“Depraved usurper!”

“Strike those braggards down.”

“Born for the preservation of your country.”

“How many holy friars have you aboard?”

“No common whores.”

“Profane oaths.”

“Foul gales.”

“Devout and honest men.”

“Aware of your intentions.”

“Be good enough to tell me why I should consider your opinion?!?”

“God's hand is against them.”

“I recall her father.”

“Streets are barred with chains.”

“You have always betrayed me.”

“Provoke me to cruel words.”

“Pretty boy is he not?”

“Blustering like a bully.”

“What has befallen my fleet?”

“Depart gloriously.”

“Brings bitter repentance.”

“Sick of your sour face.”

'Upstart Crows' Quotes:

“Liquid turding malady.”

“Loudly and manly voice.”

“Fatuous drivelling.”

“A moral victory.”

“Fake history masquerading as truth.”

“Nelly no mates.”

“Strange, brooding and malevolent presence.”

“Generally wicked.”

“Rather hear my dog bark at a crow.”

“Dirty old pervington!”

“Crappage and common like!”

“Gleeful eagerness.”


“Goblin's scrouting sack.”

“Non sex defined.”

“Mob players.”

“Man who wobbles the thunder sheet.”

“Strutty shouty boy.”

“Trouser trumpet.”

“Ironic repetition.”

“Goraning ditches.”

“Shunned by all.”

“Rejected by the mob.”

“Needs kindness and protection.”

“Absolute crappage.”

“Smutty poems.”

“Eaten up with resentment and jealously.”

“Oikish milking slap.”

“Wryly amused.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Leads him not into a gutter.”

“Down to chaotic fate.”

“Unswerving belief.”

“Somehow stumbles into a position of immence cultural importance.”


“Loud, brash and absolutely full of itself.”

“Increasingly paranoid isolation.”

“Smilingly psychotic.”

“Exploiting and abusing him.”

“Oozes danger.”

“Trapped in hellish surroundings.”

“Emotional tension.”

“Keep all the narrative options open for far longer than should be credible.”

“Playfully mysterious.”

“Overburdened plot.”

“Disastriously disjointed.”

“Overburdened plot.”

“Sat dormant for centuries.”

“Blanketed the skies of Europe.”

'Absolutely Fabulous' Quote:

“Go and be unhappy somehwee else.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Distributed on the basis of the greatest need.”

“This paranoia was not entirely the stuff of fantasy.”

“A respite from modern Ireland.”

“Cultural commentators.”

“Mocked minority.”

“Purge their friends list.”

“Suspiciously quiet.”

“Calming and cheerful presence.”


“Celebratory moment.”

“Too jealous and bitter.”

“The opportunities that I didn't even see.”

“So loud and relentless.”

“His life was deleted,”

“Why would you choose to be out here in the murk and the cold when you could be, you know, not?”

“The remnants of a commune, living in a strange abandoned town, alongside the fading presence of cult leader Koan,”

“Not totally satisfyingly evil.”

“Fabricating the systems of control.”

“Frequently maligned and mocked.”

“Emotive solace.”

“Particularly loathsome.”

“Cultivating despair.”

“Despair narrative.”

“Moment of salvation has long passed.”

“Ramped up intrigue.”

“Sinister, manipulative pair.”

“Construct standards from old stories.”

“Agreeable, low maintenance, chill.”

“Survived wars that have toppled nations.”

“Impossible to wear [his clothes] on a bus.”

“Why did her husband burn her papers? What exactly was in that archive?”

“Strangely anticipated.”

“Museum of Disappearing Sounds.”

“Furious at being tenants in their own country; unfailingly loyal.”

“Sense of exclusion.”

“Life nets.”


'Disappeared' Quote:

“Never heard anything good said about him.”

'Girls' Quotes:

“Control your animal!”

“Accepting of my brand of difficult.”

“Can't even begin to follow this thread of logic.”

“Please don't sit on that chair if you're not wearing underwear.”

“Meant to remain in your past.”

'The Secret Science Of Sewage' Quotes:

“Horror hatch.”


“Unmentionable it.”

“Disgusting torrent.”

“Socially evolved behaviour.”

“Complex and unexplored universe.”

“Targeted hunt.”



“Lives in us and on us.”

'Law & Order: SVU' Quote:

“Excuse me if I don't bust out weeping.”

'The Atlantic' Quotes:

“Shakespearean levels of malice and envy.”

“Solemn commitment.”

“Lost out on almost everything they had presumed was theirs.”

“Sound of shrieks and wailing filled the air.”

“Borderline unconvincing.”

“Duplicity and distortion.”

“Apparent senselessness of it.”

“A type of suffering to which people would pay attention.”

“Successive versions of a person's life story.”

'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“I love your contempt for things that don't matter.”

“All is horror!”

“Bart and she-Bart.”

“Great Expositions.”

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