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Book Review: Spells of the City

Spells of the City edited by Jean Rabe and Martin H Greenberg

"After he's smashed up Devon's Xbox in a hunger rage, Devon always kept a few bulk bags of fish sticks on hand, just in case the troll dropped in. Gronk visited unpleasantly often since wee-folk don't have cable."

This is a nice anthology collection of tales set in cities where magic domains and urban centres co-exist.

A troll works as a toll collector. This is a sweet okay story.

Psycho Danny and the Video Man
Rival magic users wage a mage war at the track while playing the ponies. This is okay.

The Devil Within
An ex-cop is asked (sort of) to help look for a missing child. This was okay.

Wee-Kin Warrior
A nerd is forced to fight on behalf of the fairies. This was very good.

Falls the Shadow
Monsters under your bed are real. This was good.

London on the brink of Never
In this nightmarish tale a man will spend eternity in a fog shrouded London. This was good and creepy.

Eli's Coming
Lida meets the man she has been waiting for but the price for keeping him is very high. This was good and creepy.

Helvik's Deal
Good fortune comes at a price and you'll pay the price, nothing is free. This was good.

Second Choices
In a story similar to the show 'Being Erica', a woman dissatisfied with her life is offered a chance to go back and change things. So she does and one little thug on the thread of time unravels the fabric of her life. This was very good.
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