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Book Review: Celebrity

Celebrity by Thomas Thompson

This early 1980s doorstepper of a novel is a boring and wildly offensive tale of social history and 3 racist sexist 1950 high school friends who graduate, commit a gang rape and murder and grow up. Their sins find them out but somehow they escape all consequences. This has wild author tracts.

The 3 teenagers turned men have no guilt, they engage in wild victim blaming and none of them have any concern for the victim. The 'twist' ending is dumb and this book is full of dirty, vile types. This is from the author of 'Blood & Money'. This novel is operatically staged and wildly overwritten. The 3 men are addicted to affirmation and I don't buy into this soap opera. Cataclysmic ends unfold as 1 of the 3 publically messes up.

There is so much dumb ass patriotism and ranting about the changing morals of America. The 3 ex-friends become respectively an actor, a crap reporter and a homeless loser turned conman preacher. This was made into a miniseries back in the day.

The author engages in many author tracts and old man shouting at clouds rants about the counterculture and the author seems terrified of the civil rights movement and the women's lib movement. This book is full of violence and was facile drivel. Sex crimes are shrugged off, spousal abuse is shrugged off and the phrase 'computer-printed' is used. The ending is idiotic and this book has no sincerity of spirit. Abuse is not a shaming matter to this author.

The author later in the book turns his attention to the rise of ultraconservatism, despair and hate. This was absolutely vile and there is no justice. The domination by white men is permanent and eternal.

Best Lines:

“Nut city.”

“Cinematic legacy.”

“There are always people out there who wish celebrities to view their private parts, usually because no one else wishes to.”

“And on the television set in a language she could not understand was the accusation that her husband had committed the century's most shattering murder.”


“Beggers die, there are no comets seen;”

“Celebrity is by my definition a ghastly accomplishment.”

“Evoked little sympathy.”

“Men with no feelings worth caring about.”

“Where wealthy drug addicts were seperated from their habits.”

“Damn hippie face.”

“Earned him favor and attention.”

“Malcontents leading unexamined lives.”

“The patrons of bowling alleys and K-Marts...”

“Moral determination.”

“Attempts to extricate her.”

“Tried, rather poignantly, to pass for a thirty-three-year-old hippie just so he could peddle inferior Mexican marijuana to the genuine young and morally disenchanted.”

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