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Movie Reviews: Crock Of Gold + Deadly Illusions + Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 👎👎👎

Crock Of Gold: A Few Rounds With Shane McGowan (2020)

This documentary about the drug addled physical wreck is not good honest filth. Johnny Depp and Gerry Adams appear in this but none of his former bandmates do. This tries for awards courting seriousness. This was musings of a couple of idiots. This has no menaingful impact. There are many animated scenes.

McGowan looks like a homeless tramp and you can't understand a word he says. He can't walk. Has he had a stroke? An overdose? He's filmed smoking, drinking and being belligerent. He recalls his childhood which is idealised stage orishness and donkeys. He didn't grow up on a farm in the Irish countryside, he was born and raised in the UK!

Shane's sister speaks as do his parents. There is vintage footage and re-enactments. Shane's mother looks younger than him. We see photos. One wonders if he is sick. He looks decades older than his actual age. He looks terrible. Depp speaks and seems to want to be an artistic rebel by proxy. Shane does not like Bob Geldof. Who does?

Shane spews crap. He spews a wildly inaccurate take on Irish history and professes an admiration of terrorism. He goes on about a thatched cottage in the Irish countryside – he grew up in a London highrise! He has horrible teeth. Shane won't co-operate with TPTB. Shane's dad speaks and is dismissive of his son. Shane considers himself a traditional singer. Shane recounts his schooldays of bullying and reading De Sade and Marx.

Shane has a wife. Why is she with him? Shane was kicked out of school at 14. There is talk of pills and a stay in a nut ward. Shane recounts getting into punk and trying to be incindinary. We see vintage footage of Shane leading a sheep on a lead. Recollections pass from the grim 70s to the flashy 80s. Shane reveals that even the Pogues name was a joke. Shane did a fusion of punk and traditional music. There is talk of Behan.

Shane seems to think he was defiant and doing poetic expression. Gay Byrne is seen in vintage footage. They found success but no group harmony. Shane reveals he dislikes Fairytale Of New York. Paddy Hill speaks. Shane makes a lot of creepy pro-terrorism statements. We see clips of Shane on UK talk shows as the point and laugh guest seeing as Oliver Reed and his ilk were dying off.

Shane claims he has been drinking since he was 6. There is extreme denial. Is his mother dead now? His marriage seems joyless. We see a concert celebration of Shane which featured U2 and Nick Cave. Will U2 piss off? This was a crock of crap. It felt eulogistic and deliberately shamebolic. Shane has no self care.

Best Lines:

“Pissed out the front door and sh*t in the fields.”

“Buried in sand dunes.”

“Horrible atmosphere.”

“Scraped the dregs of the jails.”

“Wife killing.”

“Sense of real Irishness and the old times.”

“What he became.”

“Colleen of the year.”

“Acute situational anxiety.”

“Sniffing glue or whatever he was doing at the time.”

“Great British bastion of privilege.”

“Ireland's least Irish poet.”

“Chaotic unhappiness.”

“They ought to be in a loony bin.”

“My ear got bitten off.”

“Guy who got his ear bitten off!”

“My own bondage fanzine.”

“Clear off with that sheep!”

“Dinosaurs like The Clash.”

“Sober gigs.”

“Drunken paddy image.”

“Our Bohemian Rhaposdy.”

“Things went wrong.”

“Did you really eat a Beach Boys album?”

“Worthlessness of American imperalism.”

“No regrets.”

Deadly Illusions (2021)

A writer hires a nanny, big mistake – huge. Kristin David and Dermot Mulroney of 'Crisis' star. The writer wife faces cold criticism and exposition. She needs constant affirmation and this dreck is attritional and abysmal. The writer faces a plight as her husband is useless. The wife expects an explanation as she is indignant. This quickly goes into a irreversible deterioration.

People have no aversion to public confrontation. Pessimism is expressed and this has no substance. The nanny threatens safety and security. There is entrenched contempt and there are aggravating factors by pathological and toxic people.

This was deeply disappointing and meaningless. There is vague sentiment and earnestness and weariness and frustration. There is growing discontent and travails and this was not fascinating or supple. There is blank, evasive casualness. This was not chilling. How do these actors have any sort of career? This was not sinsiter or demonic and nobody has dignity.

This was baffling and people are unreasonable. There is conjecture and outright fabrication. This was not compelling. There are romantic notions and gaslighting and no serious purpose. One is incredulous at how bad this is. This is not agreeably lively. There is pondering in this ill-considered. There are malicious efforts and this was senseless. The nanny puts on porno underwear and waves a knife. The completely pointless ending is troubling.

Best Lines:

“I don't know how I ever worked.”

“Spend thousands of dollars to conceive those children.”

“I'm completely insane.”

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (2016)

Tina Fey yells. Martin Freeman and Margot Robbie co star in this bomb.

Best Line:

“It sucks, you'll fit right in!”

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