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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Cluedo' Opening Credits

This ITV show has never been repeated.

'Riverdale' 5x09 promo


Tandoori beef bombs – mmmmm.

Mixed berry Quark – WTF?

Caring people have a wholesale absence and they have inaction. My pain is barely noticed. As is my persistent and toxic stress. People are ungrateful and so much for lifelong friendships. Pople you cna't trust and people are not conciliatory and they are extremely selfish. People chip away at my soul. People are irredeemably tarnished. There is an escalation of cruelty. Nothing can possibly get better. People have an icy commitment to being awful. Not everyone is being universally dismissive. This is a miserable, bleak and unpleasant time that is relentlessly unpleasant. People are complete unmitigated disasters. Some don't show concern and have unbearable viciousness and gratuitous cruelty. One feels deep anguish and one is wracked and furious. One feels strangely forgotten and deliberate decisions are made.

I'll review 'The Witches Of Echo Park', 'The Ice', 'The Recovery Of Rose Gold', 'The Apparition Phase', 'Jinty' and 'The Divines'.

I won't review 'The Favorites', 'Little Secrets' or 'Seven Lies'.

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Suffer the consequences.”

“Demanding justice for 2 decades.”

“Smoking ruin.”

'Upstart Crow' Quotes:

“Donkey gag play.”

“Writ such wit.”

“Made me posh.”

“Feckless undeserving oiks.”

“I apologise to no man.”

“Lowly stock.”

“Any arachaic sounding trueism.”

“Every man's hand against me.”

“Mental strength.”

“Rank and stinking.”

“Conceited ways.”

“Announces the funny.”

“Fearlessly realistic.”

“Self-important saddos.”

“Bitter human truth.”

“Cruelly poignant.”

“Complex motivations.”

“Murderous fury.”

“Driven by vengeful fury.”

“All order is restored.”

“Such a paltry end.”

“Reckoning of a bill.”

“Dutch church riots of 1593.”

“Times really are turning ugly.”

“Chillingly threatening.”

“Insane delusion.”

“Old fart phobia.”

“Emoting from within.”

“Weary widsom and penetrating perception.”

“Stare wearily and wisely.”

“Put on funny voices for a living.”

“Hilarity of the bum kicking gags.”

“Comforting illusion.”

“Corrosive nature.”

“Always on at me.”

"Quite a lot of harm in it.”

“Struggle to find sympathic qualities there.”

“Timeless majesty.”

“Required gravitas.”

“Hiss and lurk and prowl.”

“Black sinister gown.”

“Lends credibility to the lie.”

“Emoting from within.”

'The Fall And Rise Of Reginald Perrin' Quotes:

“I shan't invite Joan because I like you.”

“Competitve industrial society.”

“I didn't get where I am today biting people in the changing room.”

“My trousers came down?”

“Like my employees to have moral standards.”

“Dreadful firms.”

“Fancy underpants.”

“Sex orgy.”

“Executive dignity.”

“Slimey creepy.”

“Social problems.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Widespread outrage.”

“Held in very high esteem.”

“Going to take another 100 years for that area to return to what it was.”

“Found her in a dangerous situation on a motorway.”

“About whom no film will be made-”

“Placed all hopes upon him.”

“Whatever its realtion to the truth-”

“What did that leave for me, Dad?”

“Unthreatened power.”


“Deal with defeat.”

“Victims were bullied, scared or manipulated into silence.”

“Disputed accounts.”

“Historical heritage.”

“Extreme hostility.”

“The credibility gap in this narrative.”

“Predictably condemned.”

“Existence of a historic opportunity.”

“Repetitive publickly declared aspiration.”

“Threaten and dominate.”

“Weary acceptance.”

“Dignity and solemnity.”

“Feigning suprise at their own privilege.”

“Expressions of sympathy and upset.”

“Respectfully listening.”

“Worries it instils.”

“Horrifying and tragic.”

“Cultural heritage born of adversity.”

“Very anti-school.”

“Proletarain vowels.”

“Fanatically ordered.”

“Telling sour phrase.”

“Not being believed or being seen to be dramatic.”

“Resolve these issues.”

“Under the pretence of a health crisis.”

“Dying of despair and the flu.”

'Law & Order' Quote:

“Knew her choices were limited.”

'The Surrogates' Quote:

“First pee of the morning.”

'Dr Phil' Quore:

“I need this chaos out of my life.”

'Ovie: Life After Reality TV' Quote:

“Sacrificed respect for attention.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“A resigning matter.”

“Party to a conspiracy.”

'Murder She Wrote' Quotes:

“We use it on beginners who clog up the expert course.”

“Maniac on the premises!”

“Looking for a left handed homicidal maniac.”

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